A couple of things I’d like to see in the future.

Alright so I really enjoy the challenge of this game now that I'm on extreme with no HUD. But there are a few things that bother me.

First of all the enemies are able to withstand bullets like no tomorrow as soon as your out of stealth. Get rid of that. I think the detection and suspicion system is horrendous. I shoot the power box on an alarm and no one notices- okay that's plausible. I emp the fucking generator at a military installation and they go about their business- bullshit. I'm not in the armed forces but I can tell you right now the first thing I'd do if I lost power is get in contact with the nearest allied base or figure out what the hell is going on. I wouldn't just twiddle my thumbs despite the fact the gate to the camp is wide the fuck open. I guess this is my issue in general- enemies are morons. Half the camp can disappear and nobody notices a thing. Over a very short period of time- I can buy it. But when I'm stalking a base over the course of an entire in game day and nobody realizes that I've greased half of the fucking people there- I take issue with that. Also bodies disappear almost immediately… What the fuck is up with that? Lastly bases are exceptionally too relaxed after they realize they've been attacked and they complete their search of the area. Your base has been ATTACKED and you're content to simply kick back and act like nothing happened?

So here's what I think would be good although I'm not sure any of these things are even in the realm of possibility. First, edit the way the suspicion system works. If a base is under attack or is suspicious maybe make all the other bases in that region go on alert. Perhaps the enemies could gain an enhanced ability to detect the player or decrease the amount of time a player has before he/she is detected while the bases are "on alert." Next- please make it so bodies don't disappear. It's convenient and all but it's not realistic and it kind of takes some of the joy out of being stealthy because in the back of your head you know it's bullshit and a 7 year old would've found you irl. Finally make it so the bases receive reinforcements after being under attack- for a substantial amount of time.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this particular topic?

TL&DR: enemies are dumbasses and need to be fixed for the sake of immersion

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