A couple of question

Hi Guys,

I'm in NG+ and I find that I keep getting knocked out of my living weapons when I activate it. Is there something I'm missing? I found in NG if I got a boss to a qtr health, activate living weapon and I was invincible and could finish them off with ease. Now, it seems I take a couple of hits and it literally knocks me back into a mere mortal with me mashing the controller I usually get killed straight after.

Second question. Re Queens Eye unlock. I've completed all main and sub missions up to the last area, done a couple there too but I still have half a bar to complete and I find what's left to be really too difficult. The dual boss fights and the other one where you fight the boss in a tiny room with massive aoe attacks is too much for my light armour build. I can't block and got no room to roll.

Do the twilight missions count towards completion? I havn't done any of these. Do you have to get the bar full to unlock Queens Eye? Just looking for a way where I can dodge a few of the sub missions until I get a different build working that can take a hit. I want to finish this as a full ninja build first though if possible. I still have a couple main missions in the last area to finish and just crafted a L159 weapon to try and add a bit more damage to my build.

I think I'm under leveled too, currently 160 though most of my gear is +6

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