A couple of early/general game quality of life suggestions regarding food/weight etc

  1. Weight – please add a scale where when a player reaches or exceeds maximum weight they're not immediately stuck but can move very slowly. So often I am building – collecting large amounts of stone/wood etc and if only i could move a few more steps i could collect that little bit extra wood/stone etc to build the item i am working on. Instead I am 100% stuck in place and have to drop items.

  2. Food – it seems out of balance. When killing animals i'll end up with stacks and stacks of cookable meat which i then cook but a majority of it ends up rotten. I'm constantly dropping piles of rotten meat. I think the meat spoil timer needs to either be reduced or a way of drying out the meat so it's usable over a longer playtime (ie a whole play session). Also stacks need to be increased from 10 to 20 steaks minimum.

  3. Water – unlike meat, this seems to be a lot easier to maintain. A single water skin is an easy thing to fill then keep your player hydrated for very long periods of time. Food in proportion runs out extremely fast and requires substantial more time to prepare for it. I can log in and out over a number of real life days and my water is still there – whereas my meat has long since rotten.

  4. The speed at which a player dies from hunger or thirst is insane. I've had multiple battles against other players and/or animals where ive keeled over mid-fight as hunger has come on while im fighting. I appreciate that thirst/hunger needs to be dangerous to motivate players not to ignore it, but it's currently somewhat draconian in just how rapidly it kills.

  5. The game could use a very basic camp fire that only takes a small amount of rocks/wood and is buildable on the fly (but also auto destroys after a short period perhaps) – so that people ranging out on missions hunting/gathering can hunt animals and cook the meat on demand rather than the quite exhorbitant amount of branches (50) needed to make the basic cooking fire. The cooking fire is perfect in a base, but a few burning logs as a campfire should be an easy way of cooking meat out in the wild.

Thanks for reading

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