A complete, comprehensive and objective tier list of all characters

In regards to their emote game


  • Warden: C-. Suprisingly underpowered. All of the Wardens emotes seem generic, and somewhat lacking in personality, much like the warden himself, and the spam game is nothing to write home about. Some points for the fact that you can make his sword teleport though.

  • Conqueror: S+. A fantastic showing, the Conqueror excels both in terms of emote spam (RA RA RA) and pure emotes, with "Ball Dropped" and "Knucklehead" also being fantastic. In addition, his secret emotes are also brilliant, with walk the dog being a particular highlight.

  • Peacekeeper: C+ An ok showing from everyone's favourite discount Assassin's Creed character, but by no means spectacular. "Dummy" is the only real highlight among her selection, apart from which she really doesn't have any fantastic options

  • Lawbringer: S. Another strong contender from the knights, the Lawbringer brings a lot to the table. "Hard headed" is a strong contender for the single best emote in game, and while his emote spam doesn't quite match up to the Conqueror or Raider, it's definitely still a close runner up. His dominance is set to continue as well, as with the upcoming addition of the horse-riding emote, the Lawbringer's already incredible selection is only set to improve.


  • Raider: A. While the Raider may be lacking in versatility and quality of basic emotes, his spam game more than makes up for it. Just swap his default combat emotes, and you're set for life. All in all, a solid, if situational pick.

  • Warlord: B-. The majority of the Warlord's emotes are unfortunately mediocre, however he is somewhat redeemed by "Headbanger" & "Bang your Drum", although these small upsides are still not enough to make him truly competitive.

  • Beserker: S-. A frankly brilliant showing from our favourite crazy boy. Competent emote spam from both "Axe for Victory" and "Despair", combined with "Flipout's" potential to be cancelled mid-animation to hilarious effect, along with "Chopped's" general excellence, Beserker is a strong choice with no obvious downsides.

  • Valkyrie: D-. Unfortunately, Valk is currently one of the single weakest character in game. While some resemblance of an emote game can be achieved with "Let's go" spam, it is by no means enough to make up for her myriad weaknesses. Overall, Valk is distinctly subpar. Plz buff.

Filthy Weebs

  • Kensei: B. The Kensei sadly suffers from much the same problem as the Warden, with the majority of his selection being incredibly generic. He is however, redeemed somewhat with the addition of "The shame", which is the perfect reaction emote. Warlord push you off a bridge? Shame. Peacekeeper located her light attack button? Shame. Brilliant, but not quite enough to propel him to top tier.

  • Shugoki: S. A brilliant showing from the weebs, the Shugoki excels in nearly every regard. "Tantrum", "Hard Times" and "Quick nap" are all near-flawless entries, and his upcoming "Sumo" emote is also brilliant. He kind of falls flat in terms of his spam game however, but pobodies nerfect.

  • Orochi: Z-. Orochi is a weird entry, as his only emote, the "100 meter sprint" is not only terrible, but is actively un-fun for all involved. Disappointing, really, but what did you expect from the weebs

  • Nobushi: C-. Nobushi is another weak entry, with both a subpar spam game and general emotes, in many ways resembling the Valkyrie. A lack of personality is present in nearly all of her emotes, however "Naginata Salute" is ok, kind of, a little bit, if you squint and put some imagination behind it.

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