A bunch of game mode ideas

FFA; As you'd imagine, three dudes in an arena trying to kill each other. Add more for chaos.

Siege; A progressive game mode type, starting with the outskirts of a location (i.e., Ashfeld's fields), with each match/phase progressing deeper into the location (city gate, fortress, and so on). Points are awarded for winning each match/phase rather than cumulative score (4v4, 'true' zone control, with no points for kills).

Assault; Protect a siege engine (see; Knights story, mission 6) as you escort it to the city gates, and defend it as you bash your way in. Once inside, breaking is enabled for the defenders, but if they keep the ram out for X amount of time, they win.

'True Duel'; 1v1s, without any environmental hazards or ledges, for the ultimate 1v1 duelling experience (for the tryhards and competitive play). Circular arena with ample room to manouever. Sprinting disabled to prevent stereotypical Orochis and PKs from dragging out rounds. First to 5 wins.

Progressive Elimination/Tournament; 8 competitors enter a lobby and are pitted in 1v1 duels in isolation from other duels. The winner progresses to the next round, facing another victor. The loser fights another loser. Same applies for the next round of fights, and the next, allowing for tourney-style play with minimum organisation. Once dead, players may spectate other players, because why not? They might learn some new things watching the top two.

What do y'all think about these random ideas?

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