a basic guide to getting the best times (and shields) on selmie’s challenge.

For those that don’t know, Selmie is a star of shield surfing in Hyrule. She lives in the Hebra mountains, in the far north-western reaches of the map.

She offers a course on shield surfing if you’re interested, starting with a fairly easy beginner’s course (for 20 rupees, for both courses, as a note). Once you do it (and reply with * shrug *) she’ll allow you to do the advanced course.

The advanced course is the beginner’s course, plus about the same distance again. Just running the course as it is plainly built will get you a score of around or under 2 minutes. Not bad, and just as good as Selmie herself, as she says. However, there’s an faster way, and getting better scores will get you better shields.

Now, I don’t have exact numbers, because I’m not willing to run the course a couple dozen times to get the precise numbers for each tier. But here’s the rough ones:

  • 2:00-1:45(?) = Soldier’s shield
  • 1:45(?)-1:35 = Knight’s shield
  • <1:35 = Royal shield

It is important to note that while you can run it multiple times, if you have already gotten the shield, she’ll just give you a purple rupee (50). I have only done the first two tiers several times, so I have to assume the last one also rewards you with the same (if someone could confirm, I would appreciate it).

Now to the meat and potatoes. How to get that Royal and Knight’s shields. Pictures up front, description below for those that can’t view them. I suggest using the pictures if you can though.

My route

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View from the start

From the start of the course

Where you need to hop

Where you need to hop

From this point, you can go several directions

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Heading down between the camp and ridge

Head between the camp to the right and the overhang to the left

And yes, I got a bit too close to the guardian doing all this. (mostly because I thought it was one of the lootable ones, I really wasn’t expecting to be fully functioning.)

Down towards the goal in a bit

You can head either way, but I suggest to the left.

Goal is in view

Goal is in view

When she shows you the overview of the course, you might notice how there is a very defined path to the left. Take that path. After 20 or so seconds, you should be coming up to a ridge, which will be very close to your path. When there’s a opening in the wall of rocks (just a section that’s a bit lower), hop over the wall, and continue riding over/around that hill, towards the goal. Use your glider to cushion your fall, and keep your momentum up. Keep to the left of the little plateau that has a small lizalfos camp, and keep to the left, where you can see a small cliff with 2 pine trees near the edge (enemies tend to spawn right beside those trees too, as a note. Jump off, and fall as low as you can before using your glider, then keep heading SW. There should be 2-3 more cliffs before you reach the goal (depending on your exact route.) I’m not very good and this shield surfing, and I managed to get a time of 1:34 using this route.

I would like to note that this route is not the be all and end all of it. I’m sure there’s plenty of room for optimization. But try this route out, and augment it how you feel necessary, but this should give you a good starting point for getting a good time (and those lovely shields).

As a note, you if you head past the goal, you’ll find a hot spring with 4 rusted shields in the very back of it, just in case you need them.

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  1. Hey, I just confirmed that getting less than 1 minute and 35 seconds on the advanced course after already winning the Royal Shield from Selmie results in a Silver Rupee (100) as a consolation prize.

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