7th Day Without Official Servers – Mistakes

Most official servers went down on the 3th of February, some went down a day earlier. It's now the 7th day without official servers and no ETA. The majority of the player base wants to play on them and can't. Soon™ came up on Monday and after 3 days we still don't have the official servers.

1st Mistake: The PingPerfect partnership. Instead of testing at least 1 server with full capacity they gave us early access without it. Yes, we are here to test the game, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't test it before.

2nd Mistake: Ending the partnership without a backup. In a way the game isn't functional as the Steam FAQ suggests about the early access games. The least a company can do is have a backup plan and keep the servers on PingPerfect until the new ones are ready.

3rd Mistake: Not announcing a minimum of days. ATTENTION! Not an ETA but a minimum time that you know you won't be able to offer Official Servers. Many people (like myself) love the gameplay and check out the DEV tracker every hour or more often. If you knew that yesterday, today or even tomorrow you won't be able to make it, you could say it.

I really like the game but reading the wiki on Funcom and observing the whole situation got me really worried about these things. Hopefully, you've learned from the mistakes and make Conan Exiles the huge success that it can be.

Thanks for reading.

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