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Alright guys, before I start, I shall say I'm always open to suggestions and corrections, so if anything I say here doesn't sit right with you, please let me know, but here goes.

I've seen this point raised more than once on this subreddit, but never seems to harness any real attention. A certain few have asked why we can't get 60fps on console, but everytime their questions would get shot down and downvotted to light spammer's hell. Why is it so hard for you guys to acknowledge that we have a problem on our hands here? For a competitive and reaction-based game like this, extra fps DOES help. Even if you disagree with this notion, please enlighten me how getting 60fps on console would do any harm to you? Would you not sacrifice a few mere pixels for a smoother and fairer game? Would you not want everyone to have a fair chance in the fight and fight honorably? If you can spam and cheese me to death, I can certainly do it against you too.

Now to the more technical aspect, other games have achieved this before, and Ubi certainly can too. Just take a look at Battlefield 1, from what I've gathered, it runs at 900p 60fps and still looks great. Heck, do we really care about the aesthetics in a fighting game like this? One of the main force that is pushing people away from FH is the unbalanced gameplay and the absolute horrendous amount of cheese scrubs can squeeze out of their mains. By upping the fps, you have already gone half way to fixing the balance issue. It's a win-win for everyone, except the scrubs. Back to the technicals, I'm more than happy to play the game the way it looks on minimum settings on PC. PC players have posted images of their game with lowest graphic option, and to be honest, it looks GREAT. In case you haven't seen them, I'll include the link at the end once I'm done typing this up.

Now many of you are itching to say "Ubi doesn't care", but I beg to differ. Perhaps they DO care, we simply haven't made our voices heard enough yet. This is something totally within our reach, and we must fight for it. Perhaps this time we can make this issue visible, and press Ubi for an answer.

I do realize Sony and MS don't take too kindly to graphic options and such. But is it impossible to do? I mean, if Ubi can make 60fps happen, it would definitely score them a better stand in gamers' hearts.

To any of you who itches to tell me to 'git gud', come and test yourselves. I am by no means a master at this game, but I can kick ass if I need to. Come duel me on ps4: heil_cthulhu if you so wish. I main Nobushi and am upping my Valk game for obvious reasons. Cheers

Edit: Links as promised, also I'm having my finals at the moment, any contender will have to wait till after the 30th

Minimalist Daubeny https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/673mpw/minimalist_daubeny/

The level of detail in this game is incredible https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/66yzso/the_level_of_detail_in_this_game_is_incredible/

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