60+ hours played. Combat review

  • I don't think poise mechanics are healthy for the game. Dark Soul 1 immediately came to mind when I first saw this in game, and I see the same issues creeping up in the combat so far. If you give us stagger resistance, we're naturally going to gravitate towards weapons with the highest possible DPS potential (i.e. Swords) since their isn't a valid hitstun system in place. I feel like this just encourages mongoloid combat revolved around mashing. If you give every weapon hit stun capability as a baseline regardless of poise before hit stun immunity kicks in, it levels the playing field and allows other weapons to be used not just for their exotic capabilities (spear charge/warhammer knockdown).
  • I'd like to see shields be given a much greater blocking arc. With the current state of the netcode, blocking attacks feels like a toss up.
  • poison feels incredibly weak, often requiring an insane amount of stacks (15+) to have a noticeable effect. If poison were buffed, it would make using daggers more interesting (for those that don't know you can apply poison to daggers)
  • Can throwing weapons be made to be stackable? It's a pain to keep so many on your bar, and it doesn't feel worth it to use them as an alternative to bows/xbows.

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