5 April 2017 – 4.6 Patch Notes – “Racer Rumble”

Patch notes can be watched here.

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Skins, etc

  • Racer Apollo

  • Intergalactic Chang'e

  • Amazon Athena

  • Eager SCWC 2017 Ratatoskr

  • Serpent Slayer Susano

  • Cernunnos Masteries


  • Soft reset of Ranked – rewards given prior!

Apollo's Racer Rumble

  • Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  • Newest Adventures

  • 10 unique cars, each car is modeled to match a god. No duplicates

  • 8 man race, FFA

  • 2 maps, in one queue. Molten Pass and Elysian Beach

  • Fenrir, Ratatoskr, Izanami, Cabrakan, Ymir, Mercury, Aphrodite, Zeus, Poseidon

  • Racer Bundle

    • Apollo skin bought in the bundle, Pedestal (upgradeable), Gold Key, Music Theme, Ward Skin
    • Lap Rewards – 1 through 9
    • Gold Key Skins: ?


Rod of Asclepius/Rod of Healing

  • Reduced in-combat healing bonus of passives.

Runic Shield

  • Added 100 health.

Shield of Thorns

  • Tooltip fix.



  • General
    • Fixed an issue where using Athena's Ultimate could cause her to gain collision against allied units.


  • General
    • No T-posing when being hit by Cernunnos ultimate.


  • Base Stats

    • Reduced Phys Prot scalin to 2.6.
    • Reduced Base Health to 400.
    • Attack speed increase
  • Death From Below

  • Shroud of Darkness

  • Devour Souls

  • Pillar of Agony

    • Increase Protections from 60->80 to 60->100.
    • No longer consumes Blight

Hou Yi

  • Base Stats
    • Increased Base Attack Speed to .95.
    • Increased Base Power to 40.

  • Bugfix

  • Bug fix.


  • Mystic Rush
    • Linked Target mechanic has been removed.


  • Winter's Grasp
    • Kaldr is no longer Damage in this Ability, but he will still fully heal on activation.

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