4.6 Patch Notes – Spoils!

Patch Notes will happen at 4PM EDT (10PM CEST). Watch on Twitch and YouTube

As always: Feel free to share any leaked content which doesn’t come from the official Smite social media, HiRez employees or related officials. It doesn’t hurt HiRez’ marketing and reach when releasing things at all. Yippee ki-yay!

Also remember that Datamining should always be taken for granted, everything you see there will always be in the next patch! So basically you don’t even need this thread!

Complete Patch Notes and PTS Infos for 4.6 “Patch Name” are ()!

The Good Stuff – Newest first!

  • Loki (God Re-Release)
    • Loki, despite being deleted in today’s hotfix, will be re-released in 4.6. Rejoice!
    • Along with this, he will see significant buffs, which are unfortunately not in Datamining.
    • Those buffs are part of the new balance direction, as shown by Capslock – Discord
  • Escort Loki (Skin)
    • Card Art

      View post on imgur.com

    • With the release of this skin, Smite will be rated Adults only. See the misc section below for more info.
  • TripleCharged (God Release)
    • His abilites can be found here – Reddit
  • At the request of President Trump, a number Egyptian content has been restricted from Smite.
    • This is a measure to ensure Smite’s safety from egyptian terrorists.
    • Trump has issued a travel-ban to and from the Clash map.
    • Isis has been removed from the game. Good riddance.
    • Bastet and Serqet have been deported.
    • Anubis and Thoth are seeing massive buffs coinciding with their new possession as Trump’s new right-hand men.

Early Teasers – Content which hasn’t been fully revealed yet or is up for speculation.

  • “Chroma” Nu Wa Skins
    • A skin pack for Nu Wa is coming, obtainable through a 600 gem chest with that is filled with all T2 skins and wards currently in the game.
    • There are 7 skins total, 6 of them are exclusive. The final skin is limited and can only be obtained if the whole chest has been unlocked
    • As is tradition, the colours like Red and Blue have a low chance of being rolled. Who wants those anyway? White and some diarrhoea brown are way better!
  • New ad features are coming to Smite

Miscellaneous Info and other (unconfirmed) spoils for future patches

  • Axomamma ?
    • The holy goddess of potatoes will be the following release after Loki, coming in 4.8. ?
  • Smite will receive the ‘Ao’ (Adults only) rating with the release of the following features, coming soon:
    • Tumblr & R34 integration. Both sites are now a Hirez resource. Writers and artists can submit concepts and lore through both sites.
    • Making current and future gods of “fertility” lore-accurate.
    • New Smite merchandise, for all carnal needs. First items will be a Fenrir fursuit and a Khepri Hug-Bot!
    • We have gore now. Who the fuck cares.
    • Susano turned into a chainsmoker, with a Marlboro skin coming soon

Console Updates

  • Xbox and PS4 servers will be shut down because their players are actual trash – #PCmasterrace
    • Players can opt to extend the Console server lifetime, 1 day for every 8000 gems purchase
    • However, as a trial SMITE will come to the Nintendo Switch

I’m faster than you, bitches. I will always have every spoil up and ready before you can even comment. I don’t need your source links either!

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