4.6 Patch Notes – Spoils (Non-April’s Fools Edition)

Patch Notes will happen at 4PM EDT (10PM CEST). Watch on Twitch and YouTube

As always: Please refrain from sharing any leaked content which doesn't come from the official Smite social media, HiRez employees or related officials. It goes against the purpose of this thread and it can cause problems. Thank you.

Also remember that Datamining is always in flux, never final and often doesn't tell the truth. For the sake of avoiding misinformation, especially since release dates are usually unpredictable: Datamining will not be included, except when said content is spoiled.

Complete Patch Notes and PTS Infos for 4.6 "Patch Name" are ()!

The Good Stuff – Newest first!
  • This patch will NOT have a god release. The upcoming god has been delayed until 4.7 – Twitter

Early Teasers – Content which hasn't been fully revealed yet or is up for speculation.

  • Athena Skin – Early Teasers

  • Ravana will likely see some sort of change to his ultimate – Twitter

  • A new Adventure is going to be released this patch – Twitter

    • Teaser Trailer – TwitterYouTube – "Gods and Goddesses, start your engines!"
    • Datamining has some further info regarding this specific adventure mode.
  • Stew: "Interested to see feedback on this week's SMITE Patch Notes. Trying a pretty unusual experiment this patch." – Twitter

    • This is more likely to be related to the stream/show itself, rather than doing any experiment in terms of skins or balance changes.
  • This patch will be light on balance changes, because of upcoming LANs – Twitter

Miscellaneous Info and other (unconfirmed) spoils for future patches

Note: Some spoils in this section may or may not have a chance of being shown today, as they came early and without a correlating patch number.

  • Apollo Skin

    • Card Art – TwitterImgur
    • No date has been given for this skin since this was an "early" spoil, however there is a good chance of it releasing this patch.
  • Awilix will receive the next Community Skin, which will be "Angelic"-themed – Twitter #1Twitter #2

  • Hades is seeing QOL and/or bug fixes, mainly to his passive and ultimate – Twitter – " working on making Blight not consumed by PoA. Plus 1st hit proc fix and more!"

    • No date has been given for this spoil. Since this should be considered a "Work in progress", some or all of it might not happen.
  • Thoth could (or could not) be seeing some sort of change this patch, probably balance-related – Twitter #1Twitter #2

  • There are some T2 skins in the works, perhaps we will see one today – Twitter

  • Something Corgi-related is in the works – TwitterImgur "

  • Unknown Spoil #1 – TwitterImgur

    • This could be related to a certain future god release.
  • Unknown Spoil #2 – TwitterImgur

    • This could be adventure-related, or maybe a Summer Event.
  • Patch 4.7 will be a big patch for balance, leading up to the summer split – Twitter

  • Coinciding with the removal of Rituals last patch, 3K Pots may be looked at in the future – Reddit

  • The wisdom tab is still being worked on – Twitter

Console Updates

  • 4.5 will arrive on Consoles by the end of the week at the earliest, might even be pushed back to next week – TwitterReddit – "Due to updated protocols in certification "

  • Since 4.6 is a patch that will introduce a new Adventure, don't expect it on Consoles earlier than in ~3 weeks from now

This is a WIP, please post anything that I left out. Don't forget your source links!

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