4.5 Patch Notes – Spoils!

Patch Notes will happen at 4PM EDT (9PM CET). Watch on Twitch and YouTube

As always: Please refrain from sharing any leaked content which doesn't come from the official Smite social media, HiRez employees or related officials. It goes against the purpose of this thread and it can cause problems. Thank you.

Also remember that Datamining is always in flux, never final and often doesn't tell the truth. For the sake of avoiding misinformation, especially since release dates are usually unpredictable: Datamining will not be included, except when said content is spoiled.

Complete Patch Notes and PTS Infos for 4.5 "Patch Name" are ()!

The Good Stuff – Newest first!
  • Thoth Skin
    • Card Art – TwitterImgur
    • This skin will be part of an Egyptian event, which was shown by accident on the Smite Launcher. More stuff and potential info about this event can be found in the following threads: #1 and #2. Note that nothing from these links may be final, treat these with caution.

Early Teasers – Content which hasn't been fully revealed yet or is up for speculation.

  • Cernunnos is getting nerfed this patch – Twitter

  • Nemesis is seeing a QOL change (buff) to her 1st ability – Twitter – "I hope you junglers are ready to dash AND slash!"

Miscellaneous Info and other (unconfirmed) spoils for future patches

  • Cutesy Cernunnos has been endorsed by Ajax – Twitter

    • Note: The image shown in the Tweet above is an edited version by Ajax, here is the original image by /u/kishibebrohan – Twitter – Imgur
  • Hades is seeing balance changes in a future patch – Reddit

  • Osiris is finally getting his Knight-themed skin in early summer this year – Twitter

  • Nike's Valley of Victory will go away with this patch, the next adventure releases in Patch 4.6. That is unless Hirez has changed their minds about the Adventure schedule.

  • Hint towards a skin, the most obvious god would be Chiron. Other suggestions are Arachne and Hades – Reddit

Console Updates

  • FeelsCommodoreMan

NOTE: TODAY'S PATCH NOTES ARE AIRING AN HOUR EARLIER THAN USUAL FOR EU PEOPLE, AT 9PM CET (8PM UK TIME). That is because NA's daylight saving time has started, while EU's hasn't yet. The next patch notes in 2 weeks will resume airing at the usual 10 PM (CEST).

This is a WIP, please post anything that I left out. Don't forget your source links!

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