369 Ranks in ROI – Still No FWC Sparrow

I've made a similar post in the past, but this bears mentioning. I have an unhealthy number of ranks with the Future War Cult, and still don't have their Sparrow.

What's unhealthy? Well, I'm currently sitting at rank 675. I've accomplished this by being efficient with my Strange Coins and Motes of Light, and never falling into the rerolling craze during HoW that would have drained my Weapon Parts stores. Basically, everything gets funneled there, I'm pretty consistent with getting my Shiro-4 bounties/quest done weekly, and always have the appropriate glimmer consumable or ghosts active so I can buy even more weapon parts. But that's not what this post is about.

We've seen a precedent in the past where some Guardians were unable to acquire the Comitatus ship from New Monarchy. I think I've run into something similar with the FWC Sparrow. I was rank 306 when Rise of Iron launched, and have gained 369. I even tracked the drops for the hell of it via a note file on my phone, taking a moment to tap it in whenever I received a package.

The one quirk of my packages is that I've only chosen FWC Armor or FWC Weapons. I have yet to open a FWC Chroma package in ROI. I had a full set of the Chroma gear with the perks and stats I wanted and have no interest in getting the same gear all over again. This means there are three two possibilities:

  • It's Bugged! – I acquired some other item along the way that is blocking me ability to acquire this Sparrow, similar to the Comitatus bug.
  • I'm Just That Damned Unlucky – It's possible. I'm just the end of the bell curve and still have a couple hundred ranks to go before I break the streak and get my sweet new ride.
  • It's Only Available in Chroma Packages – I'm hesitant to test this one out. If I get one from a Chroma package, that could just mean I finally got lucky. It doesn't prove anything.

(Edit: /u/Kcrawford529 chimed in and confirmed that he's only chosen Weapon Packages, and has received the sparrow multiple times. Thanks!)

Has anyone else actually kept track of what type of package they got their Sparrow out of? Or is anyone else crazy enough to have an absurd number of ranks with the Future War Cult and still chase that Sparrow?

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