3 meters isn’t going to kill you. Or Hand Cannons.

u/Th3Jez put out a video today sharing his reactions about the weapon tuning that's coming with AoT, and like most Hand Cannon users, he doesn't like it. However unlike most Hand Cannon users, he understands the reasoning behind the range reduction, and even pointed out just how much 3 meters are going to affect hand cannons in the Crucible.


As you can see comparing from the top to the bottom, that's a reasonable example of the difference this reduction is going to make. Now look at that and tell me that 3 steps further in is suddenly going to kill hand cannons as viable options in PVP. That's literally how much distance 3 meters is. The average player doesn't even pay attention to how much distance he has between his opponent or accounts for damage falloff, etc.

Granted, we here on this sub are far from the average players, but given that fact this is still an easily adjustable change to adapt to. The above capture is using a rifled barrel Eyasluna, so Hand Cannons without that perk will have to step in a bit more, but will still be well within an optimal engagement range against any other weapon type.

Seriously, if you want to be landing crispy headshots from beyond 30 meters, you should be using a scout rifle. That Rifled Barrel range in an of itself still outranges the majority of Auto Rifles aside from Suros Regime and Monte Carlo, both exotics with specific perk sets. This nerf is designed to reign in the dominance of HCs (which is exactly why they put bloom in the game in the first place) and also to further create parity between HCs and ARs which both live in the same range. One's designed to weather the storm, the other's designed to cause a storm…but obviously HCs are far more forgiving-you need fewer precision hits, you have better range and in most cases higher aim assist on HCs than Autos. And ARs still suffer from the neutering that they received in TDB, so realistically Hand Cannons are outranged predominantily by Pulse and Scout rifles…which they should be.

Just thought I'd point this out. Obviously people are going to disagree and downvote and accuse me of white knighting bad decisions by Bungie, when the truth is that if you look at it logically and objectively, this range nerf was necessary to create more parity with effective ranges between the primary weapon classes.

EDIT: Downvoted to 0%!!! That actually took longer than I thought it would. Logic and reason prevails on DTG yet again. /s

EDIT#2: 5 points? What!? Some of you actually agree? I love you.

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