3 BLAZING SUNS: Easy Peasy TOOL TRIALS Walkthrough with Skill, Planning and Luck

The first Hunting Ground you encounter after you leave The Embrace is the Tool Trials Hunting Ground. If you have yet to visit this, or any, Hunting Ground the task could seem slightly daunting… This walkthrough is designed to help your first visit go smoothly, or your return visit earn you the Blazing Sun you have been missing for your collection.

  • THE HUNTING GROUNDS OVERVIEW It's explained as a test of skill, and truthfully, this early hunting ground is more a test of planning and preparation but does require a small dose of skill, and a dash of luck to earn your Blazing Suns. All Trials are timed events, awarding higher XP, greater rewards, and the Blazing Suns for the quickest time brackets. All Trials can be abandoned and reset by returning to the Hunter at the top of the cliff.


Below you will find a breakdown and walkthrough of each Trial at this location. If you prefer a video, visit here.


BEFORE YOU VISIT There are a few things you need to gather up before you make your first visit to this Hunting Ground, some are suggestive and others are requirements.

  • #1) TRIPCASTER and Blast Wire *required* This weapon is a requirement to even be allowed to start the Blast Wire Trial, so make sure you have already purchased it. If you have not already purchased and utilized the Tripcaster, I will immediately say you are missing out on a valuable tool in your inventory, and highly recommend making it a part of your Horizon Zero Dawn routine.

  • #2) A small collection of BLAZE. Blaze is a necessary component in the creation of Blast Wires, and could come on very handy if you have to repeat the Blast Wire Trial multiple times.

  • #3 A few decent HANDLING MODS. These trials are timed events, and our goal is to complete the Trial with the quickest bracket of time for the Blazing Sun reward. Stacking a few Handling Mods can be the difference between a close call and a really great time.

  • #4 An AOE Effect Slingshot or Blast Sling. There are times when you will want to move full groups of Grazers in very specific directions, and these weapons are made for just that.


  • THE LOG PILE TRIAL Handling Mods will be extremely helpful here. Situational awareness will be very helpful here.

This Trial requires that 3 Grazes be killed by falling Log Piles in the allotted time. Log Piles burst open an fall after being shot by your arrow.

You will start the Trial by going down the rope on the LEFT, and immediately make cover in the bushes. From this location you can do two things: Spook the entire group of Grazers with you Slingshot, and also still be in line of sight with the log piles. This will help save you time, and allow for a quicker reaction to their movements. Your quick handling will come in handy here since you will have to shoot individual log piles as the Grazers are located underneath. With quick reactions times and a bit of luck, you can land your three necessary kills in the allotted time frame. There are multiple options when it comes to Log Piles, keep an eye on your targets and choose wisely to cause the largest amount of carnage.


  • THE PARTS ONLY TRIAL Handling Mods will be extremely helpful here. Using the Concentration skill is almost a must.

This Trial requires you to shoot 10 parts from the backs of the Grazers in the allotted time. It's something you should already be fairly decent at if you have survived enough to make it to this Hunting Ground.

Start this Trial in the same way you began the Log Pile Trial, with the LEFT rope. Once you land, maintain cover in the same bushes and make yourself aware of the location of your targets. Fairly simple in theory, line up your shots and let them fly. You should aim for getting yourself to the halfway point (5 Parts) before the Grazers are spooked and run away. As soon as they run, follow them and continue to take shots with Concentration active each time they are in line of sight. Take time to allow the bow to be drawn fully, or your arrow will not fly straight and could cost you precious seconds, and prevent you from earning your Blazing Sun.


  • THE BLAST WIRE TRIAL Handling mods are helpful here, planning ahead is necessary, and the TRIPCASTER is required.

This Trial requires you to kill 6 Grazers with your Blast Wire. The Tripcaster is nothing more than a portable Trip Wire machine, and requires you to shoot TWO shots to activate a trap. Your 1st shot is the end point of your Trip Wire, and your follow-up shot should span any available distance, and will become the end point if your trip wire.

For this Trial I had the most luck using the RIGHT rope to leave the Cliff. Once on the ground I went down each valley path and placed a few Blast Wires BEFORE I engaged the Grazers. This allowed me to have a handful of traps up and ready before the Grazers even began to run away.

Once you have your preemptive traps out across the hunting grounds, herd the Grazers towards any available lane and watch the magic happen. Continue to spook and herd the Grazers into their own explosive death before the required time passes. You will most likely find yourself struggle with the last one or two kills as the timers counts down. I had the most success with running alongside the Grazers and literally placing Blast Wires directly in FRONT of them while they were running to earn my final kills. It's messy but it works!!


Each Blazing Sun will net you 7.5k XP and a reward box from the Hunter. Upon obtaining these Blazing Suns you will also earn your right to enter the Hunters Lodge. Hopefully this helps someone out there earn this Trophy, gain a little extra XP, or gain a new appreciation for a side of the game they haven't experienced yet.

Let me know if you have other ideas that work better, or have seen different results that make the process less chaotic!!

-Luke Lawson Plays-

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