25/41 NA Official PVP Resets Monthly on sat night at ZERO pop… discussion and suggestion

This data is from the in game server list for NA officials. it was 1030 pm CST on a sat night when i gathered this data… scroll all the way down for a TLDR

official resets monthly – 41 servers 25 servers with ZERO people playing on them 14 servers with 1-6 people playing on them highest server is 221 with 26 people 2nd highest is 222 with 7

Official PVP – total roughly 41 servers 22 server with 35+ people on them 12 servers are full 6 servers with under 15 people

Devs… this idea failed. lets fix it please and not waste server space.


for the majority of people the concept of wiping is against the “official” way of things. wiping happens on non official servers not official servers. maybe its because its nearing the end of the cycle and pop might pick up after the 1st comes sure…. but 39 servers with under 10 people on them on a sat night. come on now…. and when most all of your regular pvp officials are full or at 75+%. and why exactly is there more resets monthly than non? lol what? seems like you guys went half and half which makes sense i guess (honestly no it doesnt you guys were trying something new here and kudos for it but start small not 50%) but the data here (ive been watching closely for the past week and a half) shows that the community just doesn’t like the concept.

I love this game and know it has tons of potential but seeing things like this really make me question some of the choices you guys are making in regards to growing and retaining your official community population. obviously theres more unofficial servers and thats where the majority of your player base is so maybe yall just put this type of stuff on the back burner?

i really dont know. but looking at these numbers personally i would say — thinking out loud inc… “ok.. so they didnt like this concept lets go ahead and reduce it to 20% resets monthly and 80% regular and see how that goes for a month. itll get more official pvp servers up and going and cure the mass hysteria that is official pvp servers atm… mass raiding exploits and foundation spam has made for some pretty toxic servers (and lets not forget the horrible balance of God raiding) seems like a win win to me, ok lets do it” ezpz….

Personally i know about 10 or so people and have read countless reddit and forum posts that have said they would love to come back to the game when 1. raiding exploits are fixed (pretty much there fantastic last patch that fixed a lot of stuff. missed a couple of things but getting there for sure) and 2. decay system removes all this foundation spam (doesn’t seem like yall are anywhere near finished with this). so what can we do in the meantime you ask? seems pretty simple to me…


when the next cycle happens for resets monthly go ahead and change it to 80% regular official pvp servers 20% resets monthly and see how that goes for a month (im guessing to account for influx of new people on day 1 of each month and have decent server capacity about 8-10 of these servers would suffice). there is NO reason there should be anywhere near that many resets monthly servers. it literally makes no sense.

All its doing is eating up official server space that could better serve the community as a server type we actually want. What would this accomplish you ask… well for one itll get some fresh pvp servers out in the mix that have never seen the raiding exploits or thrall camp foundation spam (both of which were game breaking– i have seen screenshots of tribes with 5k steel ingots from duping and exploit raiding). also there would be so much more land to claim since there wouldn’t be a 1000 crappy T1 bases that were exploit raided causing the people to leave the server and never come back.

This would also open up more servers for more people to come back to since theres lots of full servers on the weekend (this is a good thing =) plz devs hear our cries… youve honestly been pretty good about listening to the community so far so dont stop now. ive ssen tons and tons of posts on reddit and reddit suggesting the same type of ideas so i thought id compile them into a nice long post that devs wont even probably read (lol)


  1. way too many resets monthly pvp servers for absolutely no reason. community does not want them clearly.. maybe 5-10 but not 41…. so suggestion reduce these to 20% of official pvp servers
  2. when the next round of wipes for the resets monthly servers come out change a bunch of them to normal pvp servers instead. so fresh wipe pvp servers making the overall fraction be 80% normal official pvp vs 20% resets monthly
  3. im not alone here in this thinking i see it every day post after post and yet no acknowledgement from devs still… makes me…

**and for those that say just play official and stop crying… this discussion is not for you sorry. we get there are non official servers we still choose officials and thats just the way it is so stop telling us to stop whining, its not helping anyone – sorry random rant there. hate seeing those comments

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