102 hours in and…

…I have no intention of leaving.

I've grown to become a completionist when it comes to playing open world games. With most, if not all, of those games, it usually takes me 6 or so months to finally tread through all the games content because I naturally get "bored" after focusing on one game for so long. So normally I burn through a games story in 1-2 weeks, take a break for a month or so, burn through all the side quests, take another couple months off, then finally collect everything and finish up the last of the trophies.

However, with Horizon, I haven't stopped playing nearly every night since launch. I've gotten 100% and Platinum like most of you guys have and just last night, I finished collecting all the datapoints. All that I really have left are the "tutorials" and the photomode (which I haven't even touched yet). Despite this, I still don't feel any indication that I'm bored with Horizon or need to put it away until the DLC rolls out (even though I have 5 other games waiting for me to finish up before this autumn drops half a dozen more on my plate).

And on top of that, ever since I completed the last main quest, I been adding more and more "rules" to my playstyle to either challenge myself or immerse myself into the world more. I now play on very hard with no HUD (during my story I played on normal with a dynamic HUD), equipped with only bows, while not using the aiming reticle, concentration, shield-weaver armor, or the spear (except for critical hits). This causes me to learn how to have better aim, tactics, and prowess during combat. Now instead of chucking blast bombs at most machines (like I did at first), I have to tearblast a machine's weapons off and then take advantage of its weak points by shooting elemental arrows at its blaze/chillwater canisters or power cells. I have also decided not to use the call mount skill, fast travel, or the map for better immersion while travelling.

And I have never had the feeling from another game like I did last night. After I collected the last of the datapoints I check my playtime and noticed I was only 15 minutes shy of 102 hours. So, before I went to bed, I decided to do a little hunting for 15 minutes. I managed to end my session running along a small herd of retreating Grazers on a frozen lake, shooting 3 fire arrows successively into each of their blaze canisters, watching them each explode along the dark blue night sky.

Sorry for the long post. Just wanted to share my experience with you all!

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