100 hours of Nioh – my impressions / pros&cons

Nioh was a fantastic experience. I took my time with my first playthrough and even tried a few missions from the "new game+" mode and had a good time. I managed to play it for about 100 hours, although I'd say a good estimated length if you play all missions and don't mess around would be around 70 or so, not counting NG+ or any multiplayer.

Where Nioh truly shines the most IMO is in its frantic combat. Having the three stances combined with all the various weapons and skill types for each weapons makes for a ton of customization. Finding out which weapons and styles worked for me was a big part of the fun as well.

Rather than write out a full review, I'll just list some pros/cons and what I think needs improving:


  • Combat is amazing, I never tired of it, not even after a playthrough

  • The random loot system they have is excellent and really makes replaying levels/missions rewarding

  • The blacksmith options are also fantastic and compliment the loot system perfectly

  • The guardian spirits are a really nice addition to combat and the passives for each really adds to it all

  • Mission structure – I like that it's not an open connected world, it just works perfectly for the kind of game Nioh is

  • The Revenant system – it's just perfect. If you need a break from a boss, just fight some revenants and get a chance to aquire some nice gear. I must have fought hundreds of them, mostly because it was fun.

  • The engine – almost no loading time after death, really stable frame rate, looks fantastic on both PS4 and PS4 PRO

  • Music – I recall seeing many complaints here, but I really don't understand them. To me, the music in the game was perfect and I enjoyed every track.

Dislikes / areas of improvement:

  • The level design is mostly good, but at times feels a bit uninspired. Some of the maze-like levels feel like they are confusing just for the sake of being confusing

  • The English translation of some of the descriptions on skills or item affixes really needs some work. Some are outright incorrect or too vague and these things too important for guesswork

I can't really think of any other dislikes, which goes to show how good of a game Nioh is. The best indicator of how fun it is however, is that I just want to keep playing it even after completing a full playthrough!

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