1.06 Sword of execution nerf discussion.

For those not aware, it was "adjusted" aka nerfed pretty bad.

I went from one shotting Muneshige in the two kings NG+ lvl 310 mission to depleting about half his health with a ground backstab with the exact same build. That's basically a 50% nerf, at least when it comes to that particular boss… Keep in mind I have a 160 +10 weapon and that I have 75% Final Blow damage and 75% Back Damage, plus attack on all my gear and the right sets to get pretty much the max damage you can get with this setup, so I doubt you can do much better than this unless you put yourself into crit status somehow.

I feel lit kinda sucks because there's so many builds that are so faster at clearing levels, I always felt that a sword backstab build was less of a button masher and more of a tactical positioning build, you had to work to create opening / parry/ deplete stamina and get a guy on the ground, then you could deal huge damage. Now, I feel like the payoff is less worth the effort, especially considering there's tons of builds that can pretty much button mash foes into submission using living weapons and guard breaking abilities over and over again…

What's your take, will it you make you reconsider / change build. Personally, I'll stick with it, i mean my armor sets are +9 now and I do enjoy the playstyle, and you can still use guardian talismans to cheeze humanoids into falling on the ground over and over with the right guardians for easy backstabs… But still, kinda dissapointed.

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