You can now get the battle pet Graves much more easily.

If you wanted to get the Heroes of the Storm promotion pet Graves but never managed to get through the grind to player level 20, good news, with version 2.0 of the game, this has become much much easier and faster, even solo.

In that new version, player level is the sum of all your heroes level (first level not included). Basically, if you have one hero at level 4 and one at level 5, your player level is 7. Which means that having 20 heroes at level 2 will get you to level 20.

But I don't have 20 heroes, you might say. You think you don't, but you do (until May, 22th). Blizz is also offering packs of 20 heroes for free and a stimpack that doubles experience gain.

Basically all you have to do if you are, like me, a scrub at MOBA who doesn't want to force people to deal with you:

  • Get your pack of heroes (preferably damage dealer type, since doing lots of damage seemed to give me the most xp, but I'm no expert).
  • Choose any level 1 hero.
  • Choose a Versus AI game with AI teammates on easy difficulty.
  • Play (and win because it's really easy).
  • Grin stupidly as your hero jump from 1 to 2 after one match and your player level increases.
  • Open your chest because why not.
  • Choose a new level 1 hero.
  • Rinse and repeat until you get to player level 20.

Matches took me around 15 mn on average, you're looking at roughly 5 hours of solo grind at most which is a huge improvement. The only hero that didn't reach level 2 after one match was Varian, probably because he's harder to play and because I chose a tanky build.

Overall even though MOBA isn't my thing, I had fun and the chest opening after each win kept me going (really scratches that need to collect stuff…)

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