Yoko Taro,you are a wonderful person. I hate you! (CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR THE FINAL ENDING)

So i just played through the last ending of Nier Automata and decided to help another player, what happens after that you all know (or don't know, if so,what are you still doing here, go play!). It was one of the most wonderful moments in my entire 15+ years of gaming experience. Yoko Taro uses all the elements of the gaming medium to their fullest potential and has experts in their own areas like Keiichi Okabe (music) to back him up and realise his visions. I would like to praise all the people who worked on this game and delivered excellent work. From the English and Japanese voice actorsfor their great performance, the brilliant people at Platinum Games who made the impossible possible: a Yoko Taro game with great gameplay(!), the people in the marketing team of Square Enix who allowed such trailers like "A special message from Yoko Taro", the localization team that again did excellent work of making the dialogues sound like real conversations, wich is really hard and people often don't realize how difficult that task is. I could go on and on, but that would take ages. I just want to say: Thank you to all the people that worked on this game! You made a masterpiece of gaming! I love you all. Except Yoko Taro, I love and also hate you. Why? Because you made me delete my safe file AGAIN!

Also: Sorry for long post and bad english.

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