Xur Inventory Breakdown by Tier 12 Capability (2017-04-21)

Good morning Guardians and welcome to another Xur Inventory Breakdown by Tier 12 capability. Let's see what he's got:


This time he is at the Tower Balcony, near the Speaker, thanks to /u/PumaWarrior


The first is the Warlock exotic Gauntlets, the Nothing Manacles, coming with a 4 points off maximum Intellect stat and a 2 points off maximum Discipline stat, making it a 93% overall roll. Perks: Energy Projection / Impact Induction. Auto RIfle Loader / Fusion Rifle Loader.

  • Personally I'd give this a try when going for a Tier 12 Voidwalker, you'll need some better items to compensate the few missing point, though.

Runner up, the Hunter exotic Gauntlets, the Shinobus Vow, comes in with a 6 points off maximum Intellect stat and a 6 points off maximum Discipline stat making it a 85% overall roll. Perks: Fastball / Momentumtransfer. Auto Rifle loader / Heavy LMG Loader.

  • Rollwise I'll give it a miss.

And at last we have the Titan exotic Helmet, the Insurmountable Skullfort with a 8 points off maximum Intellect stat and a 7 points off maximum Strength stat, thus making it a 84% overall roll. Perks: Hands On / Second Thoughts. Invigoration

  • Aaaand another miss.

Conclusion / recommended pick(s): Maybe give the Nothing Manacles a shot, the perks could've been better but statwise it could be worse.


What is Tier 12?

Your character abilities (Super, Grenade & Melee) are devided into Tiers, the maximum per ability is Tier 5, or 300 (5 times 60) points. Everything above 300 points is not recommended! You will not have your super up any faster with 450 Intellect!

For Tier 12 you'll need armor with a combined value of 720 points (12 times 60) out of 743 points possible. That means you'll need items with a at least ~97% (720/743) roll per item.

That makes Tier 12 the highest possible stat distribution possible in the game. You can technically achieve Tier 13 and more using Felwinters Artifact, but that is just Tier 10 in a fancy way.

Possible Combinations are:

  • 5 Intellect / 5 Discipline / 2 Strength. Favoured by Sunsingers and Bladedancers for example.

  • 5 Intellect / 4 Discipline / 3 Strength. Possible distribution for Voidwalkers who rely also on their melee.

  • 4 Intellect / 4 Discipline / 4 Strength. The most balanced setup.

  • 2 Intellect / 5 Discipline / 5 Strength. Some Nightstalkers prefer this for Wombo Combos.

  • 4 Intellect / 5 Discipline / 3 Strength. It seems that Striker Titans could run that distribution

But keep in mind you get the biggest bonus of cooldown time at Tier 5, so choose your priorities carefully Guardian.

How do I check, if Xur's offer is better than mine?

When I do my review I refer to not upgraded nodes.

So if you want to compare your current gear with Xur's, you may do so with Ishtar Commander / DIM / Tower Ghost and then decide whether to buy or not.

Out of personal experience sometimes one or two points doesn't seem like much but that can be the differece between "almost Tier 12" and "I FINALLY MADE IT".

How do I glass needle?

Glass needles are sold by Xur and allow you to reroll the stats on your exotic armor. The result is complete RNG but with a little dose of luck you may end up with a perfectely rolled piece.

You can get a better roll using glass needles. That is the core difference between Siva Fragments and glass needles. The Stat value on WotM Raid armor is set – only the perks or the distribution change (from Int/Dis to Dis/Str e.g.).

Personal side note: Added the perks on the Items.

If you have any questions reguarding the rolls, the FAQ or Tier 12 itself, let me know.

That's it for now, as always I hope you find this info helpful and if you like, we'll see each other again next Xur'sday.

Ch40s out.

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