Xur Inventory Breakdown by Tier 12 Capability (17.03.17)

Good morning Guardians and welcome to another Xur Inventory Breakdown by Tier 12 capability. Let's see what he's got:


The first is the Titan exotic helmet, the Glasshouse, coming with a maximum Intellect stat and a single point off maximum Discipline stat, making it a 99% overall roll.

  • Needless to say this is a almost perfectly rolled piece. Would you kindly go and get it?

Runner up, the Warlock exotic helmet, the Ram, that also comes with a maximum Intellect stat and a 4 points off maximum Strength stat making it a 96% overall roll.

  • Wow what a weekend. Two out of three sold pieces are Tier 12 able!

And at last we have the Hunter exotic gauntlets, the Shinobus Vow with a pure Discipline stat of 72, thus making it a 88% overall roll.

  • The era of no love for Hunter items continues… No beneficial roll on this piece for those Bladedancers who want to go Tier 12.

Edit: as /u/LadBooboo pointed out, the kiosk version from shinobus vow is actually Tier 12 able with a 95% roll. Bladedancers rejoice!

Conclusion / recommended pick(s): Like I said, what a great weekend! I recommend picking up the Glasshouse & the Ram if you want to go tier 12. Those will really help you in doing so.


What is Tier 12?

Your character abilities are devided into Tiers, the maximum per Tier is Tier 5, or 300 (5 times 60) points. Everything above 300 points is not recommended! You will not have your super up any faster with 450 Intellect!

For Tier 12 you'll need armor with a combined value of 720 points (12 times 60) out of 743 points possible. That means you'll need items with a at least ~97% (720/743) roll.

That makes Tier 12 the highest possible stat distribution possible in the game.

Possible Combinations are:

  • 5 Intellect / 5 Discipline / 2 Strength. Favoured by Sunsingers and Bladedancers for example.

  • 5 Intellect / 4 Discipline / 3 Strength. Possible distribution for Voidwalkers who rely also on their melee.

  • 4 Intellect / 4 Discipline / 4 Strength. The most balanced setup.

  • 2 Intellect / 5 Discipline / 5 Strength. Some Nightstalkers prefer this for Wombo Combo.

But keep in mind you get the biggest bonus of cooldown time at Tier 5, so choose your priorities carefully Guardian.

How do I check, if Xur's offer is better than mine?

When I do my review I refer to not upgraded nodes.

So if you want to compare your current gear with Xur's, you may do so with Ishtar Commander / DIM / Tower Ghost and then decide whether to buy or not.

Out of personal experience sometimes one or two points doesn't seem like much but that can be the differece between "almost Tier 12" and "I FINALLY MADE IT".

Personal side note: Since I expanded the Xur Breakdown with a basic FAQ I decided to turn it into a post on its own, hopefully to your liking. I'm always open for feedback on general formatting or adding something to the FAQ.

So, if you have any questions reguarding the rolls or Tier 12 itself, let me know.

That's it for now, as always I hope you find this info helpful and if you like, we'll see each other again next Xur'sday.

Ch40s out.

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