Would you want the Yiga to be a new staple in the LoZ series?

Saa'vaq, /r/Breath_of_the_Wild

I absolutely LOVE the fact that there there is a faction of former Shiekah members that separated themselves and formed a clan that swore allegiance to Ganon.

Prior to playing BOTW, I was actually BS'ing with a buddy about how cool it would be to see Ganondorf followers. Like, it would be interesting to look into why a group of people would want to follow Ganondorf. Their philosophy, their perspective, their resolve. All that.

I reach Kakariko, and run into a villager who explains who the yiga are…. and I actually get what I want, and it's a nice spin on things.

I was hyped to see if I could even meet this Master Kohga, and was wondering what he would look like and how he would act.

Well, to anyone who has completed the Vah Naboris quest, you've met Kohga, and to be honest I don't know how he was received by the community. The closest character I could compare him to is Zant , where immaturity and ill-temper overrode the mystery surrounding him. I enjoyed the encounter and embraced his silly portrayal, his demise does provide an opportunity to expand on the Yiga even further.

His followers are loyal to him, even after his defeat. As much as Kohga came off as a silly goose, his people are always serious, with deep intent on always trying to kill Link. With their leader gone, someone else could take the helm, or sadly, the Yiga could wither and die, or maybe the Yiga could eventually redeem themselves. Who knows? The possibilities on the future of the Yiga is endless.

I wanted to know what you guys thing about the Yiga, and maybe express what you think the future of the Yiga holds. Should they be a staple of the Zelda franchise much like the Gerudo, the Rito, the Sheikah, and so forth?

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