Why are the Steam mods so bad?

I just want to start this off by saying I support the game and Funcom, and every single one of my posts is in the favor of them. I often post just to defend them, which makes this pretty hillarious.

|Originally posted by CPCEradan: Do not argue with the moderation team. If you have questions about a moderator or a moderation act, you can contact me, one of my fellow moderators or one of the Community Managers privately.

Contacting you doesn't stop you from deleting comments that don't break any rules so isn't much of a point ?|

That was me quoting him and responding to some guy who was complaining about them deleting posts that don't break rules.

DO NOT ARGUE WITH THE MODERATORS IN PUBLIC! This rule is communicated in the forums like no other rule in the last weeks. But you ignore it in nearly every thread. I don't know how often you breaked this rule now. But I think your last violation of this rule was one time too much. One week suspension. Btw. your comment was deleted according to the rules: "Criticizing others for having an opinion you disagree with" (I would recommend you to read the rules here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=143962136). Keep in mind that we will delete any comment that attempt to derail topics or try to start fights. Thank you for your understanding.

He basically links me to a "guide" that isn't the official rules listed on the forums. And cites an "unwritten rule".

So basically I get my original comment deleted for breaking a rule that doens't exist, cited by the moderator since it's an unwritten rule(apparently arguing with someone on a topic is an unwritten rule)

Then I get banned for arguing with a moderator except I wasn't arguing, just stating the fact that you can talk with a moderator in private all you want and they will still delete your topic, I wasn't arguing anything.

The mods are trash.

edit: I forgot I also broke the 2nd imaginary rule of the conan exiles forums which is DO NOT QUOTE AND REPLY TO A MODERATOR

double edit: Þórim blóðøx 5 minutes ago I won't give you more ammunation for your next witch-hunt posts on reddit. If you really want to discuss this suspension in a civilized manner (what I doubt when I look at your comments here), try to come in contact with one of the community managers. This is my one and only response to your suspension. Have a nice day.

Guy doesn't even have the balls to discuss it, shitty mods for a shitty game I guess.

TL'dr Get a forum ban for breaking a rule that actually isn't a steam set rule, rather a rule listed as an unwritten rule of forums in a steam user created guide. As in, I broke someones opinion of what an unwritten forum rule is while breaking no actual steam rules. Also I didn't even do what that unwritten rule was to begin with.

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