Who says you cant win a game after the enemy team is farming you in the fountain 20 mins into the game.

This is by far the craziest game i have ever played. We were down 14 kills and 12k gold by the 20 min mark, we were getting farmed by a premade party of 3 people, one of them was a smurf the other two had 3000+ hours played and one was ranked in the top .002% of smite players (according to smite guru).

Meanwhile im a lvl 15 noob kali trying to not feed my brains out to these godlike players, at 16 mins in we had lost all of our towers, i was lvl 10 my team was around lvl 14 and the enemy team about level 19.

We're in the fountain trying to defend our titan and we manage to fend them off, the titan was now at half health. Our team started to get serious and we started farming and playing as safe as possible. Running from all possible engagements. This somehow worked, we got closer and closer to lvl 20 and the team fights started going our way.

Around the 50 min mark my team was finally all lvl 20 and full build. The team fights we're pretty close even tho i was kali because i suck at kali.

51 mins in we won a BIG team fight, we got the fire titan and took down their tier 2 mid tower and all 3 of their phoenixes.

we're all fighting in their fountain now. their titan reaches half health

our apollo gets killed.

the titan is now at a quarter of his health and the enemy pulls off a huge janus ult/ares ult combo

our poseidon an ymir are now dead

The titan is now at 3000 health, my ult come off cooldown

I keep attacking the titan, our terra helps by stunning the enemy team surrounding us, but she gets killed right after.

The titan is at 1500 health. I pop my ult. 1000 health 500 health 250 health I get stunned by the ullr while still in my ult, my ult lasts long enough so that i can pop aegis. I notice my leap just came off cooldown.

I know that after this aegis I will not be alive long enough to land an auto

I leap the instant aegis is over on the titan to deal the killing blow.

needless to say it was a very hype game.

here are the match statistics for anyone interested. http://smite.guru/match/pc/334892183

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