What I want to see in Smite.

Here's my little list, some things have been suggested first by other people. I just wanted to make a post about everything I would like to see. So here it is:

  1. More skins like Slaughterhouse Chaac: For those who aren't familiar, the more kills you get without dying, the bloodier Chaac gets. When this skin was released it was so cool that I bought it and started playing Chaac despite never really playing him before. Why aren't there more skins like this? There could be skins that change once you reach a certain threshold of damage, or travel a certain distance or mitigate a certain amount of damage.

  2. Show us our overall rank: In ranked it shows what rank you are out of the division you're in. Who cares if I'm number 300 in diamond 3 if I have no idea how many people are in diamond 2,1 and masters. For all you know there's 20k people ahead of you. Unless you're in masters there's no way to tell what rank you are overall. I think it would be cool to have a concrete number that tells us how we measure up to the rest of the player-base.

  3. Make achievements into icons: It could just be me and my friends, but from what I've seen no one really gives a fuck about achievements. A ton of them are way too easy and there's no real way to show them off. Which is a shame, because there's a ton of work going into the artwork for icons, just for people to go "huh cool, I stunned someone with cabraken's 2" and then click out. Games like MW2 did this right, all my friends wanted to get different achievements with different killstreaks so they could get the emblems they awarded. So my solution, just make the pictures you get from achievements into icons.

  4. Make the loading screen have a cool picture behind it: I get that league of legends kind of pioneered the whole black screen loading card thing, but there's been some pictures posted on this subreddit of loading screens that have pictures of the conquest map and such in the background that just look way better. This could be a personal preference, but I think that overwatch style loading screens are just much nicer than the blank ones we currently have.

  5. A better whispering function: So I want to whisper my friend on the enemy team, but he has a weird character in his name I can't type out. So I can't. Add a button next to people's names that when clicked on, allows you to whisper them.

  6. Appear offline function: Ok so sometimes I don't wanna play with my level 14 friend who insists on playing loki every game and only ulting to steal kills. Give me a way to play smite without having to awkwardly avoid him.

  7. Siege UI: Make the UI bigger so that siege can be seen without scrolling down. It's embarrassing the way it is right now.

  8. God leaderboards: Fix them, first of all. When you scroll down the numbers go up and so far I've had four games just not count towards them. It's a pretty new feature though so no big deal. Anyways, I don't know if they're planning it, but it would be cool to have some sort of icon that shows what placement you were on a certain god's leader boards after the season ends.

  9. Diamond rewards: The diamond recalls are really cool. I saw this suggestion somewhere else, but it would be cool if there were more rewards for getting an entire class of gods diamond.

Well that's pretty much it, this is one of my first posts so the format is probably pretty shit, but it's the thought that counts right? Let me know what you guys think.

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