What are your fears going into Destiny 2?

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  1. Recycled Content, mission areas

My fears are plentiful, based on the formats of the DLCs gone before, Destiny could feature a whole DLC worth of Recycled content much like House of Wolves? Member the first mission? – yay backwards Winters Run? Mission 4 in the Rise of Iron? – Dust Palace but backwards!!

Really not looking forward to buying a DLC full of the same old maps.

  1. Weapon Imbalance in PVP

This is a given, but I'm talking specifically about ridiculous ideas like, taking Special Ammo out of PVP but giving us access to Icebreaker and Invective? I realise that these were both available before the special ammo adjustment. So let's not have Ammo Regeneration available in PVP maybe? Also. Having the low ROF pulse Rifles and Mid ROF take the same amount of bursts to kill a Guardian. Maybe just have less variants on the Pulse altogether? Although adjustments have been made, some variants just aren't as consistent at giving kills.

  1. Soft Level caps that are avoidable Member Farmnigul? This was available for months before ROI, and it took until the raid was done within 2.5 hours before there was a patch a few weeks later ? This was one glitch but Exotic engrams have a hand in this problem as well.

I'd like there to be stricter caps on levelling to keep power levelling to an absolute minimum, for the health of the game and for the lifespan of the game.

We want our content to last longer surely?

That's just a few things out of many, what's yours?

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