Well that was a ludicrously, ludicrously good game. God above.

Not the first to say it – but holy hell. Just finished after 115 hours on the thing. half of that was just wandering around. Spoilers for everything.

I don't play games a lot at all, came in on a punt – this is the first console game I've played since Bioshock. I thought that game was amazing but Jesus Christ tonight this thing was just surreally good.

Everyone has said everything before, but there is some crazy alchemy in the identity and character of Aloy, a mindblowingly pretty, intense lush natural world, and an opposition that is, in effect, corrupted nature. With a really decent post apocalyptic sci-fi mystery mixed in as well. Jesus – going into that first cauldron was so, so cool.

I've looked around at other games after this, because I ended up buying a PS4 Pro so you'd be curious, but I have a horrible feeling this game has spoiled it for me. I kind of don't want to be in a mech suit in a space corridor blasting aliens, I guess i could end up changing my mind but it feels like that.

What else – it's a game you don't have to be a gaming whizz at? I got pretty good at the thing tho. I absolutely terrorised the last bandit camp. That was intensely satisfying. The score is so good? It's violin pastoral and it it's got themes for wonder and mystery and threat? That bit where Sylens broke into the gladiatorial arena was the bees bollocks. And that punchline with Sylens grabbing the last of Hades? That was great. And that whole hint at the off world colony they sent out originally and the signal that woke hades, and that last shot of the impossibly huge creature that they've shown you the likes of all throughout the game was so very very very cool.

And really in the end – it was just such an utterly beautiful and intricate world to be in. What. A fucking. Game.

How long for the next one? Two years or that? When's the DLC? Is anyone else cooking up anything close to as good as this thing? Want more, please and thank you. This thing felt like a landmark game.

P.S. try not to run out of Blaze in the middle of the last showdown by the tower. You end up giving out to yourself. I took down the deathbringer with 30 seconds to spare. Although that shieldweaver armour helps just a tiny bit. the deathbringer looked surprised I was taking automatic weapons fire to the face and smiling. Take that Hades.

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