Weapon & Armor Durability Explained

Hello Exiles!

I have been recently testing many areas of concern for Conan Exiles. While testing I accidentally found out how weapon and armor durability work in the game. You might be somewhat surprised, as I was, from the sneaky "killing blow" durability usage that's currently in place.


Remember this is EA and these findings are currently from the March 3rd patch

This data is based on normal durability multiplier 1.0


Durability for ARMOR is very straight forward.

  • 1 direct hit = 1 damage to ALL armor

Direct hits are physical hits from melee or from projectiles. Poison damage does not count against durability. However, the projectile from spiders will count as damage to your armor.



I found out that using a weapon or tool to hit anything (npc, player, building, ground etc…) decreases the durability of that item by 2 points. One exception to this rule is soft decorative objects. (Rhino heads, stools, mounted torches, etc.) these will cost 1 durability point if hit.

The really interesting part about weapon and tool usage is an additional 9 points are decreased from the item on a killing blow.


What does this mean exactly?

It means that the last blow to kill anything will cost your item 11 points! It takes 2 hits with an Ancient Kopesh to kill a spotted hyena. 1 hit is a damage hit and the 2nd hit adds on the 9 points. That's 13 points used to just kill a simpl hyena!

Or better yet you can only kill 22 imps (1 hit with Ancient Kopesh) before you will have to repair it. This doesn't seem like a fair trade to fully repair it with steel. p.s. rabbits and baby animals count as killing blows as well.

Bows and Crossbows do not suffer from killing blow and steadily use 2 points for every shot.


Many players in the community say that when in the steel production, use steel tridents to break items and swords to kill stuff. This meta stands true with this information and after knowing this I highly recommend it.

Remember that each hit counts 2 points (except for soft items) so DO NOT use swords or hammers to break down walls and doors. These weapons have a large melee cone and hit multiple objects on each swing. On average if you use a sword to break down a door, you will hit 4 objects (8 points). The door frame, door, door frame again, and usually a wall or foundation. This will cost you a lot more in repairs then using a linear weapon such as a pike or Trident.


Knowing these numbers we can determine the MAX number of times a weapon or tool can kill and the number of hits it can do before requiring a repair. Keep in mind you will most likely never reach this max kill number (you will probably only get about half way there) but its good info to know there is a ceiling.


This list below is a list of items that I see used most in the game right now. If you want to find it for different weapons simply divide by 11 or 2 and round down the number.


  • Stone Pick/hatchet = 80 Dur. 7 Kills – 40 hits
  • Iron Pick/hatchet = 160 Dur. 14 Kills – 80 hits
  • Steel Pick/hatchet = 320 Dur. 29 Kills – 160 hits
  • Pick Axe = 220 Dur. 20 Kills – 110 hits


  • Stone Sword = 100 Dur. 9 Kills – 50 hits
  • Iron Broadsword = 195 Dur. 17 Kills – 97 hits
  • Longsword = 350 Dur. 31 Kills – 175 hits
  • Ancient Kopesh = 245 Dur. 22 Kills – 122 hits

Two Handed

  • Iron Warhammer = 280 Dur. 25 Kills – 140 hits
  • Iron Pike = 390 Dur. 35 Kills – 195 hits
  • Steel Trident = 960 Dur. 87 Kills – 480 hits


I hope that you find all this information useful. Be sure to keep a lookout this week for a couple more post by me with other information I have gathered. It focuses on the creature xp efficiency and archer and fighter thrall breakdowns between the different factions.

Happy Hunting,

GiantB (Shadow Snatcher)

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