We need to get platinum games and square enix attention to address this on going white screen issues now.

So last night a 181MB patch was pushed out for nier, and we thought it contain fixes for some of the game problems that been hurting the pc port since launch day. Turns out that's not the case it didn't fix anything at all and the patch was likely for preparing the game for the upcoming new dlc that is releasing next week. Even though I love this game I cant in good faith buy it with these on going problems plaguing the game. I'm using a Rx 480 graphics and a same that I roll back to last year drivers to run this game and the performance still suffers. But I don't understand a month ago (March 22 to be exact) they announce they where looking into the issues with the game and now here we are fin get our first dlc ans still no update on the fixes for pc port. Nier:Automata is a great I would recommend this game to anyone but it only seem best to play this game on PS4, from what I seen this past month is them patching its issues. We as a community need to come collectively together and let platinum games and square enix know that we aren't going to expect this type of service from them at all, and we shouldn't because we are the reason why this game was big success in the first place and they need treat all of their fans with respect on all platforms.

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