Watch GCD’s first Road to Blizzcon Community Cup

GCDTV NA April Clash, the first Community Cup of the WoW® Arena World Championship goes live today through the first six matches, and continues on until the winner is decided Sunday! To keep up with the action, tune in to the broadcast at 1.30pm PDT, with matches kicking off both days at 2pm PDT sharp. Don’t miss out!

This is the second event, and the first community hosted event, for teams hoping to make it to the WoW® Arena World Championship final at BlizzCon. So what’s it all about? It’s about epic players—masters of their craft—pitted against one another to show-off gameplay and win the day. It’s a test of mental strength, reaction time and pure passion.

Eight Teams remain, but only one will be champion!

Teams competing:

ABSTERGE Shaman – R, Druid – R AMNE Priest – Disc SETHCURRY Monk – WW, Death Knight MALDIVA Warlock, Priest – Shadow
SMEXXIN Warrior, Shaman – Enh / Ele REEDZ Hunter ROSCOE Warlock KOLO Shaman – R, Druid – R
INVIABLE Hunter, Shaman – Enh / Ele, Death Knight SYFOXY Druid – Feral JOXI Druid-R, Shaman-R, Demon Hunter MES Death Knight, Demon Hunter
GOOB Warlock AVENGELYNE Paladin – Ret BRIAN Paladin – H —-

NOLLIJ Druid – R CDEW Shaman – R, Paladin – H, Druid – R DILLY Hunter, Priest – Shadow VANGUARDS Paladin – Ret, Shaman – Enh
OZZ Shaman – Ele BEAN Druid – Feral, Demon Hunter JUNASH Druid – Feral BORNGOOD Paladin – H
RODAK Demon Hunter SAMIYAM Mage, Warlock PHOTIC Priest – Disc KASKA Shaman – R
ZIFFY Warlock SNUTZ Priest, Warlock SKIPPEE Death Knight YOSKE Hunter, Paladin – Prot

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