Upon finishing Nier Automata the only word I wanna use to describe it is beautiful.

I cried when I finished this because it made me take an honest look at my own life, and my inability to ask for help when I've needed it. This game made me feel something and that almost never happens to me with video games. Or just everything about the game itself, and how I fell in love with this trio and so badly wanted to see them succeed.

Whether it be any of the major plot threads The death of 2B and the declining mental state of 9S or A2's development as a character and it leading to Pascal's death. Or literally dozens of other small/big things, this game is fucking beautiful. The gameplay and everything related to it are solid and probably some of the best ever specifically for an ARPG but holy shit this game invested me. I got wrapped up in these three characters and didn't wanna let go.

The world while kinda bland just had this perfect color palette to it that made it feel… I don't even know.

Fuck this game surprised me. Nier fucked me up back in the day but this made me think about my own fucking life.

Honestly don't know why I'm making this thread other than to just get some of my feelings about it off my chest in a place where I hope most people agree with me.

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