[Unpopular Opinion] I don’t think we should add anything more than the current Allied avatar to Smite.

Before I begin, stop typing up a rant comment about how I don't care about Allied (Which I do), and just here me out. I love Allied. I think the guy is actually a inspiration and has been strong throughout his entire time dealing with cancer. He's been through so much and has gotten so much love from the community and he deserves it. If Allied is to pass away it's going to affect a lot of people, including myself. But to get to the point of this post, I don't think their needs to be more added to the game to keep us reminded of him. We will always remember Allied regardless if something is added to the game. But the icon is enough. I don't want to be constantly reminded in-game (such as something added to the conquest map like someone suggested) about someone that passed, who was truly inspiring and brought joy to everyone. The avatar is enough, because if I see something added to the game, it will constantly be brought up to me. I just don't want something so daunting and something I've had personal experience with constantly being reminded to me in-game. Yes I understand that something in addition added to the game for Allied would be meant to show how great he was, and how awesome he was to the community. But not everyone will receive it that way and will get a negative notion from it. It will make a small portion of people sad is basically what I'm saying. Allied has done enough to receive our remembrance, we don't need an object in Smite to do it for us. Sorry if this offended people, as I really don't mean it in any negative way. Just don't think it would be good to add something to the game, for the sake of Allied.

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