Trials LFG is Toxic

I spend the vast majority of my time on this game playing trials but I don't really have any consistent friends that I play with. Because of this, I get most of my teams off of LFG. After doing this for quite some time I have stumbled across a shocking realization: Trials LFG is pretty toxic!

Now I don't consider myself an elitist by any means and I try to be accepting of players of all skill levels, but at least once a week I get a solid team together for as painless of a flawless run as we can muster. Because of this, I do indeed "check stats" and hold people accountable for not lying about them. It usually takes a while to find a team this way as one might expect, so I try to hang onto the people that I get. What I have learned from these weekly stacked runs is that the people who hang around LFG with good stats don't have consistent teammates for a reason. They're literally the most toxic people that you can find.

Now this particular group of LFG players has a very specific set of traits associated with them. For starters, more often than not, they just straight up leave after the first loss while blaming it on everything but themselves. Best case scenario, they get hella salty and start trying to control the team for the rest of the card. Along with this, they constantly complain about every death and throw blame around almost as liberally as sticky grenades. Generally regardless of the outcome of the card, the party chat is practically dripping with tension and very little enjoyment seems to be gotten out of the run.

Now I know that I might just be getting unlucky with the people I choose, but this has been disturbingly consistent for me for a number of weeks in a row. It just seems like the people who care about stats and win % and KD more than the game just don't mix well with others. At this point I'm more than ready to sacrifice one easy flawless run a week if it means avoiding the toxicity that is the "skilled" side of LFG.

At first glance it might just seem like everyone on LFG is toxic but in my own personal experience that doesn't seem to be the case. I used to raid pretty frequently back in the earlier days of Destiny and I used only LFG for my groups. Although I might get the occasional passive-aggressive member or elitist, it NEVER devolved into one player screaming obscenities at everyone else. Generally, this level toxicity seems to stay faaaar away from the PVE in this game.

To finish with, I want to say that this post is mostly aimed at the "elite" side of Trials LFG. I play very frequently with more average players and they're generally chill, welcoming, and relaxed guys. I'm not trying to give those people a bad rap, I'm just relating the experiences that I've had since using LFG.

TLDR: The "skilled" portion of trials LFG is ridiculously toxic and filled with people that care more about stats than enjoyment or some times even winning. This extreme level of toxicity doesn't seem to be present in the PVE side of this game or in the more casual part of LFG.

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