This game brought me nostalgia


A little info about me.. I work as a level 3 tech support for a major ISP which is so stressful, I come home to a loving daughter 3 years old and I barely have time for myself… I love video games and I would Play from 9pm until 2am daily. The games I played were always multiplayer fps destiny,titanfall2, and my favorite overwatch. But multiplayer games brought my stress level way over my head and I took a little break..2 weeks later Horizon popped up in my downloads(pre-order) and after I started to play the game… I honestly didn't know what I was feeling…this nostalgic feeling where as a kid I would come home from school and sports, pop in Mario 64 or Zelda and play the whole night… The feeling of playing offline and basically in your own world, the feeling of NO toxic people telling you to "git gud" EVERYNIGHT… This game has given me "MY TIME". I can finally relax drink a beer and explore this world..even though i finished the story 48 hours after release day, I can still play and have fun. Guerilla games…BRAVO! you've done an amazing job. Can't wait for What's next!

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