The special ammo nerf is the sole reason I have come back from other games.

I completely stopped playing PvP with the exception of Iron Banner and the weekly reset package. But after the update, I'm excited to play the crucible again. I get that people are upset that they lost the ability to freely use special, but from what we've seen from the matador meta, "freely" is often exchanged with "constantly." Special should be used for niche situations that require it. You might not have special ammo to shut down a roaming super always but that's ok. Super's are supposed to be powerful. Primary's are supposed to be the main source of gunfights, however weaker that they are. They SHOULDN'T be buffed very much because that would increase the Time to Kill and would turn the game into more of a twitch shooter.


Ultimately this is an opinion piece and the community can reason about the changes one way or the other. But I thought I'd let Bungie know that not everything they do is a mistake. To some it might feel that way but the vocal angry few does not represent the majority of the community, nor does this subreddit represent the 99%.


TL;DR Keep doing what you're doing.

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