The BEST (Late-Game) Build in the game

So I made what I consider the best build in the game currently. This is speaking as someone who's made different builds of each wpn, twice. I think this is better than pure lw crit builds (such as Susanoo), as it still clears just as easily, but performs better in times where you start at full life against bosses, such as Hyakki mission or classic Oda+yuki. Even if other builds out-damage it slightly, no builds come close to the speed at which you can clear levels, thus meaning you can level up much faster than those other builds, which I see as the most desired thing late game where there's nothing to do besides perfect gear or level up.

I made a video if you're interested in seeing the final output/more in depth details with commentary, but I'll explain the basics here as text if you don't want to watch it or have the time to.


  • Shiranui (with mid attack/close combat damage 20%+, change to attack dexterity, final blow 24%+.)
  • 6 pc Japan Bravest Set (Attack and amrita earned on ALL pieces, Life and other special effects secondary.)
  • Cannon with fire damage 23%+ and Agility Damage Bonus A+ as primary ranged wpn. WotW bow as secondary.
  • 2pc (1 piece equipped) Fanatic as helm/chest.
  • 2 charms with amrita earned (using living weapon). 1 being Yasakani obviously (which is a guaranteed 1st time reward from Return of the Gourd which this builds plows through. Savescum to get amrita earned one.)

Spirit: Kato for beating content first time – Suzaku for amrita farming – Kara-jishi for full health scenarios like Relentless Spirits or Hyakki.


  • 91+ stamina required
  • 30 magic + 14 dex minimum / 20+ spirit / 14 str / 14 Body
  • End-game goal is 99 in Dex, Skill, Body, and Spirit, in that order.

Main skill is Blade Spin and Reaper (kusarigama), activate living weapon, and start destroying as fast as possible to maintain living weapon. Tiger running scroll to speed through levels. Carnage+steel talisman to tackle bosses. Power pill to deal with trash mobs. Protection talisman for use in lw so if you're hit your lw bar won't deplete. Use soul stones or large spirit stones to re-activate lw, or just kills mobs until you can use lw again.

Hopefully that brief explanation is good enough to appease those who don't want to watch the video. Have fun with the build, sky rocket through levels and get to 750 if you want, dlc is less than two weeks away, get hyped 🙂

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