The best Beta I have ever played

What is going on Ghosts. Mason here with PHXGamingLLC to tell you all about the Ghost Recon Wildlands beta that just happened from 22Feb to 27Feb. First of let me just congratulate Ubisoft and their respective partners in creating a new Ghost Recon game. It has been in development for over 4 years if I am correct (and please correct me if I am wrong) and they did a phenomenal job in delivering a great product.

Firstly, this review is coming from a prior Navy vet with 8 years of service and has deployed with my brethren the Marine Corps as their 'Doc'.

To start off, from beginning to end, there is so much to do and understand about the enemy that you are facing. The Santa Blanca Cartel, a notorious drug cartel in Bolivia has caused a dramatic Civil War in their country and now it is up to the Ghosts to do what is right and take down the cartel one Lieutenant to another.

Let’s begin with the terrain:

The visuals of this game are outstanding. The rendering times, if there are any, are nonexistent. The Wildlands are drawn up with such detail, most of your time is spent observing the sunrise and sunsets and with the occasional desert thunderstorm scenery, it certainly can make you stop what you are doing and just stand there and watch. The Wildlands are vast and expansive, and with so much terrain to explore, I honestly feel you would never get bored.

The Weapons:

Ubisoft did such a great job in calibrating each weapon to its archetype. The MSR, for example, has a great bullet drop off penalty which adds some realistic value to it when you are trying to snipe a Cartel from ~500m away. The sound effects and overall textures of the weapons are done with such detail that you could tell Ubisoft took their time with the amount of work that was involved giving each weapon their own characterization to make each one stand out. The best thing about the weapons of the game, each of them has a significant noise when the round leaves the chamber. There is a difference between the MSR, Skorpion and what have you, and the sound they produce. I cannot wait to see the final product of the game here shortly.

The Difficulty:

I only tried one difficulty in this game and it was Extreme. In the Closed Beta, the game had the strongest difficulty as ‘Ghost” so it is a wonder as to why they changed the difficulty name. But us Extreme really that hard? If you know what you are doing, sort of. The thing about the difficulty curve that I have noticed is that, when you snipe or kill someone let’s say in a mine, and you have another enemy on the other side of the wall maybe 20m away, they will hear and they will investigate. Next, the damage that can be sustained during this trial is about 5 – 7 rounds to the ghost, but keep in mind the weapons the Cartel are using. I had a machine gunner run around the corner and I was gone in an instant. But the point is, play it safe. There are going to be other reviewers who might say differently, but remember where this review is coming from. The best thing about the enemies, is that they are not bullet sponges, and why should they be? They shouldn’t. When I post my last video, of the last mission I did which was to kill Bookhart, one shot to the head and he was done. So, the realism is there. Yes, it is a game but, but the reality must stop, but in this case with Ghost Recon, it feels like the reality is consistent. To make you think.

The Missions:

The missions were by far the most fun in the game. Being able to tackle the mission at your leisure, plus either running and gunning or taking the time and patience to Recon your surrounding and pick of the Cartel off one by one, provides enough variety and skill that the game causes you to think if you take the latter approach. But that is the beauty of the game, in which you can choose what is on how you want to complete it.

The Vehicles:

The controls for the vehicles have been upgraded by far. In the Closed Beta the controls were nonexistent. You hopped in a truck next thing you know you are sliding down the mountain side. However, it does seem kind of pointless when the truck is on the side and it just automatically resets itself to its main positon on all four wheels.

The Story:

This is by far one of the greatest stories that the Team had been able to come up with. It is different and interesting all at the same time. It has nothing to do with Islamic Terrorists or anything of that nature so to have a fresh piece of story, personally, is great to know.


Overall, I think highly of this game. It is a great story, the fun is there, the action is there and the creativity of being able to do what you want to do is there. The team at Ubisoft did a great job in delivering a quality product. Now it won’t be for everyone, and there are going to be other YouTubers telling it like it is and giving there two cents on the subject, but coming from a background of tactical experience, and the amount of knowledge that had to go in to the game, well for the most part it was spot on.

Please follow me on Twitter and YouTube. I will be posting all my videos of the Beta gameplay this week and I wish everyone the best and see you in the Wildlands Ghosts.

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