[Suggestion(s)] Repair and Damage Revamp Ideas + More

Just a few additions i'd like to propose to the repairing aspect of this game. The goal is to promote teamwork and to make having holes a little more of a threat to alter the ramming meta as well as alter the effects of ramming. I feel like ships rarely sink due to cannon fire. 


-Repairing takes longer (1.5-1.70x longer)

-Pumps are slightly more effective.

-Repair progress saves every 33.3% percent. So if you accidentally die or let go, it'll save the progress bar of a damaged area at progressive checkpoints or intervals.

-Up to 3 players may repair the same hole/sail/cannon/ and repair speeds will get a a speed boon. (example: 1 person – 1x speed. 2 people – 2.2x speed. 3 people – 3.4x repair speed)

-Up to 6 people may repair the nose.

-Fires can weaken the wood of ships, can be enforced with a hammer.

-Putting out fires awards points and has a larger area of effect.

-Trade out your secondary or utility slot for an "enhanced hammer". (maybe?)

-UI element that tells percent(%) of ship underwater.


-Cannonballs hitting burning areas of a ship have a chance at causing two holes. Like extra penetration per se (One on starboard and one on port side, due to weakened charred wood.)

-Swivels are projectile based, and can only penetrate charred(weakened) wood(apply holes).

-Ramming a ship instead causes a "Ram Injury" which is a single hole near equivalent of repairing a nose, and has increased water gain. (Enemy can also jump through it)

-Cannonballs have a chance at applying holes to the upper deck if a cannonball hits an upper cannon or railing.Optional repair for quality of life, does not apply water (To open more possible ways to the lower deck as well as maybe promoting teamwork for the defending ship.)

And More

-Crew members that are a certain distance from their ship are exempt from grapple duels. Ship will sink if player is not in range (Some people incognito onto other ships, or even board a friendly ship and get separated from their crew. )

-Increased grapple timer should apply to the next respawn wave for both teams. (Thoughts? This would eliminate early kill advantages and perhaps make grapple fights more intense.)

-Reload animations should resume at certain points of the reload in case you cancel by accident, pull out a sword or drink, or when your ship is a submarine.

It's quite alot to read. Do you agree with any of these? Disagree? And what are some of your ideas?

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