Suggestion: Raiding changes or new “PVP” server type.

I don't mind raiding. I don't mind the chaos and destruction especially at this point in time where this isn't much else to do.

But leveling entire bases and destroying hours upon hours of work just makes this game a CONSTANT grind and like a FPS version of those free to play mobile games.

Suggestion: Upkeep and Treasure room.

Simply put, a new check and balance is put in place. The "treasure room", mandatory to be built for everything "base" related. In turn, every item made takes X% of the loot generated, so for every 100 iron 10 goes into the "treasure room", every 100 steel, 10 goes into the treasure room.

While the clan can't access it, raiders can. It's whole point is to exist as an apple to be plucked that just grows juicy and riper the longer it sits unraided.

Obviously you'll also need to add some form of indicator to the bases that highlights how ripe it is.

Add in this could allow for "vassal" states where the room is placed away from the base but guarded by bigger clans as "tribute" and you've got a minor economy system in place.

Also allows servers to set "minimum" raiding levels. Must have X iron, X steel or something along those lines.

Should remove some of the reward for "base griefing" where entire bases and ALL crafting items are destroyed. Also add to big clans looking to hit big clans instead of the "farming" and in turn massively off putting base destruction smaller and solo players suffer from.

*Finally, of course "chaos" servers can remain with the old rules + treasure.

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