[Suggestion] Make us able to tag or otherwise filter out montages/raid videos.

Hey ya'll.

Over the past few months we've seen a large influx of people posting their montages/raid videos. While this is nothing inherently bad in itself, the videos in question are often not exactly of the highest quality and seem to follow a general formula. Said formula being poorly thrown together shadowplay clips of not-so-great plays, all to the sweet tunes of pubertal voices screaming profanities at one another over a soundtrack of blaring hip-hop.

Had this been a larger sub with more people posting this had not been as much of an issue – I rarely see these posts getting upvoted, in fact it's the contrary 99% of times. But despite being instantly downvoted they stay on the frontpage because other kinds of content don't get posted as much.

While this could make the argument for "why don't people post other types of content then?" which I believe is a valid point, I also think people will feel less inclined to post to a sub which front-page is cluttered with these videos. I don't think it's neither fair nor healthy that content creators like BuzWeaver gets lumped together with this sort of video, and if nothing else I know that I check this sub more seldom because of them. Please consider adding a tag (or other feature for filtering) so those of us who think this way can get rid of them.

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