Suggestion: Fixing/Changing A Few Things Possibly

So first off, I would like to say that I absolutely enjoy this game. Coming from Arma and H1, this game sits perfectly in the middle of both playstyles and has its own unique feel.

Ending Circles – (I know there was one post about this already but I would like to voice my opinion here as well as with a few other things.) I have found that the ending circles move too fast. By this I do not necissarily mean make them slower and provide more time. But my last few games the ending circle has been in an open field in which me and my teammate have gotten stuck running through the open to get sprayed at and have ZERO cover. and we had no choice due to the circle starting to move close. I think we need more cover in all areas of the map for situations such as these or slow down the circles just a little bit. Right now it feels like the target is run and gun combat towards the end and that isn't supposed to be this games feel. we are left with very little room to make tactical and smart decisions leading to a win. and don't get me wrong, sometimes it ends perfectly but some games you get screwed by the game more than the players.

Free Look – Now this doesn't happen often but it HAS happened before and I do not know if it is intended or if it's just a bug at the moment but, I have noticed that if you for example are crouched next to a tree and you Alt and look to your right to see around the left of the tree, when you let go of Alt your guys body will rotate to the last known postion you were Free Looking too causing you to expose yourself from cover for 5 seconds and then it auto adjusts back.

ACOG Range Problem – Now i'm not sure about this either but I have noticed this happening with the 4x Scope. There has been times where i have had the red triangle lined up straight on the enemies head or torso as they were sitting still and each bullet i fired actually went above them and hit the ground above them with the scope set to the default 100m range. I only noticed this while shooting long distance shots but I just wanted to make this known just incase this actually is an issue at the moment.

Downed Teammate – This is controversial and is up to the community whether this gets change but in my honest opinion I feel it needs some tweaking. Me and my partner have engaged in a fight before the gas starts to travel and we came out in the lead but during the fight my teammate was downed I have to go revive them, so after reviving them the gas has already started moving and it's very close because fights can take up to one minute depending on the players and sometimes you can't just run from the fight so your teammate has to attempt to heal and sometimes First Aid Kits aren't even quick enough so you have to apply a few bandages and hope for the best but once the circle catches up even if you have a car sometimes if it's too close you won't be able to beat it and your teammate gets downed. I completely understand the gas is supposed to kill but you should be able to have some chance if you get downed in the gas. Once you are revived you have a splinter of health and it's not enough to apply a First Aid Kit at a certain circle so you end up just getting downed again and then killed by the gas. Please allow us to have more time to maybe get revived have a short immunity to the gas very short maybe enough to apply a first aid kit and then it starts hurting bad again but just enough to get one applied and keep moving so the fight doesn't screw you. now this is up to the community and i'm not saying it as it NEEDS to happen. i'm just simply voicing my opinion on this because i feel like you aren't given enough time to heal after being downed if the gas is very close.

Other than these 3 things I have listed this game is heading in the absolute right direction. I have never had so much fun on a game in a WHILE. I love the combat as it's like arma and the movement is more arcadey and it provides the right feel.

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