Such a shame to see this game has fallen out of people favour.

Now, I never judge a population of a game by the amount of people on a subreddit, though it has been a good measure of interest when it comes to other games in the past, but from the looks of things this game isn't doing that great.

I played the demos/alphas/betas whatever and I have to admit, my opinion wasn't initially high of the game, the game was good i thought, but needed work. These types of comments were always downvoted, there were many who defended this game against any negativity trying to persuade people into buying it.

So, I ended up getting the game and I've had a blast, basically 700 hours apparently. It's been really fun, but you guys left on here have got to admit, compared to other games this one has died community wise.

I recently went back to look in the places where this game was praised, what I've found is that people have been frustrated by the lack of enemies, reused bosses, diluted loot system and general repetitive nature of the game.

Some can be found here if interested:

I want to post this because it kind of upsets me that I've put so much time into this game which originally I was reserved about purchasing, there's been so many helpful people in here with build guides, locations of items and weapons (texts) and all the other good stuff. People have really tried to put the same effort into digging into the game as they would have Dark Souls, but I think in doing so they exhausted what little information there is in the game.

Does anyone else feel this way, like the game deserved to do better despite its slight flaws of repetition? Usually people don't just drop off a games Reddit this quickly, if no interest is shown in the game then I don't think Team Ninja will put much effort into any content they release and the chance of a sequel of some sort is looking rather slim.

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