[Strategy] Guide to Best Grand Challenge Decks in the Meta Right Now! [Warning: Long Post Ahead]

Hey Clashers, Unstoppable here, and today I bring to you a guide on the best grand challenge decks in the current meta!!! The best value for your gems are not SMC, legendary chests, or gold, but Grand Challenges by Far! As long as you can get above 2 wins, the gold + cards per gem ratio is MUCH higher than anything else you could buy with your gems. Thus, that is why I am making a guide to ALL the current best decks for either classic or grand challenges for you guys today!

By the way, Classic challenges are MUCH easier than Grands. I can pretty much go 12-0 with any deck archetype but I only average 10 wins in Grands, so for those of you aren’t that good at challenges or have underleveled cards, definitely go for classic, as they offer almost the same reward as Grand challenges ratio.

Background: I am a Semi P2P player, so I spend a TON of gems on Grand Challenges. I do at least 1 grand challenge and usually play in one big tourney a day, normally getting around 8-12 wins in Grands and ending up Top 5 in Tourneys of 100 players or up to Top 10 in 1000 player tourneys. One cool thing is that I amass so much gold in challenges that I am able to have a level 3 electro wizard, 3/10 on being level 4 🙂

So I’m strongest in graveyard, xbow, three musketeer, and golem beatdown decks in challenges, however this guide will feature all the other good decks I have personally faced, so you can match your deck archetype with whichever of the following you think best fits your gamestyle. For instance, if you play golem on ladder, you may want to use a golem beatdown deck, hog would probably work best with a mortar cycle or hog log bait, etc etc

I will score each deck on its skill level required to play (new players should play low skill level decks), as well as its potential to reach 12 wins. Thus, a 6 score for 12 wins would mean that the average player would probably reach 6 wins out of 12. Please dont be offended if I scored your favorite deck a 3 or 4 skillwise, this is all just opinion remember that 🙂

You can watch me play Grand CHallenges or tourneys live by adding me on Facebook, PM me and I will send you the FB link.

One more thing: Maybe your deck is a really strong deck and you think you’ll just use your ladder deck on GC. That’s fine, however it is still a good idea to read through this guide so you can understand or predict your opponent’s deck when you actually face up in a real match in a grand challenge

So here goes:

Deck Archetype 1: Beatdown

Currently in Grand Challenges, the best beatdown decks are golem and lavahound. Giant and RG do not work super well in Grand Challenges, so they will be left out. There are currently three common beatdown decks in the GC meta.

Golem – Baby Dragon – Electro Wizard – Minions – Log – Pump – Lightning – Skeletons

Variations: Mega Minion for Minions or Electro Wizard, Bandit for Minions, Zap for Lightning

How to play: As in most beatdown decks with pump, you ideally want to get as many pumps as possible, sacrificing your tower HP if necessary. Losing 500 HP on your tower because you are forced to use skeletons to defend a hog rider is definitely OK, as long as you can get your pump down. Then, whenever you’re ready and have a decent elixer lead, put a Golem behind the king tower, and support troops following. Golem Beatdown is pretty skill friendly.


Skill Level Required (out of 12): 5 Overall Strength in reaching 12 Wins: 6

Next Deck:

Classic Lavaloon Beatdown:

A very strong deck in the meta, the balloon nerf didnt really do anything at all.

Lavahound – Mega Minion – Minions – Balloon – Tombstone – Lightning – Arrows – Skeleton Army

I recommend the variation, however, where minions is replaced by baby dragon (an A tier card in this current meta), and tombstone is replaced by pump, and skarmy is replaced by skeletons (S tier card in the meta)

This is by far the easiest deck to play, as you literally just place hound, followed by balloon, and minions, lightning for inferno tower, and arrows on the ready for opponent minions. Watch Orange juice’s video however, on balloon placements that can bypass defenses:


Skill level: 3 Grand Challenge Rating: 5

Log Bait Archetype:

Next we have log bait. There is only really one type of log bait, but many variations can be substituted. Every deck will have the inferno tower, goblin gang, and goblin barrel, princess, however a few other cards may be substituted in and out.

Inferno tower – Goblin Gang – Goblin Barrel – Princess – Log

3 remaining cards: Choose one of poison, rocket, or fireball, one of knight or hog rider, and skarmy, minion horde, or dart goblin

Zap bait is higher skill, as you need to know how to punish your opponent for mistakes, as well as when to throw a goblin barrel, when to commit on offense/ reserve your elixer for defense, how to trick your opponent with a goblin barrel etc

Check out OJ gaming for intensive and depth guide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZiQ5aAeItQ

Here I will provide a general gameplay. You are always looking to bait out your opponent log…obviously. Then your goblin barrel + hog rider tanking will get insane DPS. Never let your opponent pump up. Use your spell to hit his pump, etc, never let him pump up. Your princess gets insane value on defense as well, as they use all their spells in countering skarmy, goblin gang, etc.

Check out surgical goblin for some sick gameplay as well.


Skill Level: 8 Grand Challenge rating: 6

Miner Chip Decks

A very high skill deck archetype, where you constantly apply pressure to one side with miner, never allowing your opponent to build a big push.

Miner – Skeletons – Ice Spirit – Poison/Rocket – Knight – Inferno Tower – Electro Wizard – Log

Battle Ram can be switched in for knight to add another strong offensive option that is very hard to counter

This is a very interesting deck, I havent tested it out much personally, however it is definitely very strong. You always pressure your opponent on the opposite lane, causing them to spend elixer on defense so you can use your inferno tower to melt their golem or lavahound with no support.

Skill Level: 8 Challenge Rating: 8

Three Musketeers Archetype:

Super FUN to play in challenges, as it is kind of like a Big spell bait deck. You want to bait your opponent into either fireballing your pump or two musketeers when split, so you either can pump up and gain huge elixer leads, or use three musketeers when your opponent can’t counter. You want to always support both lanes, one side with a knight/battering ram, and the side with lower health with a miner.

I love playing three musketeers, here are the deck variations

Knight – 3M – Pump – Log – Ice Spirit – Skeletons – Battering Ram/Miner – Electro Wizard

In Depth Guide by Pro player Darth jar jar on CWA


Graveyard Archetype:

The last, and my personal favorite Archetype: graveyard

There are currently three strong variations

Knight – Graveyard – Furnace/goblin hut – Skeletons – Archers – Electro Wizard – Poison – Log/Arrows

This is Tag’s graveyard deck, which allowed him to win 500,000 challenge cards, getting 12 wins almost each time, which is absolutely insane. With the furnace nerf, Goblin hut is a very good alternative.

In depth guide here:


The general gameplan involves, as usual, positive elixer trades, and playing strong defense with your knight, furnace, etc, and going on a counterpush with knight graveyard, etc. KNOWING and UNDERSTANDING your opponent deck helps as well, hence why you should read this full guide, which lists all the common decks in Grand Challenges. For instnace, if your opponent only has minions and skarmy to counter your graveyard, your poison gets insane value with your graveyard.

Bowler Nado!!!

Bowler – Graveyard – Knight – Ewiz – Baby Dragon – Tornado – Poison – Skeletons This is my favorite deck, which I once went on a 3 12 win streak in Grand Challenges with. In depth guide here:


Finally, Giant Graveyard, which is just Tag’s graveyard deck but with Giant subbed in for knight.

I hope you guys can get 12 wins with whichever of these decks match your playstyle best.

Thanks for reading, Unstoppable

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