[STRATEGY] Every card that will and will not be available during Retro Royale

Hey everyone, with Retro Royale coming up I made a handy list of cards that you will be able to use. Even I forgot some of these cards were not in vanilla Royale (such as poison). Anyway, Enjoy!

Available cards: •Skeletons •Spear Goblins •Goblins •Zap •Cannon •Minions •Archers •Arrows •Bomber •Tesla •Knight •Mortar •Barbarians •Minion Horde •Tombstone •Valkyrie •Musketeer •Fireball •Mini PEKKA •Hog Rider •Giant •Wizard •Bomb Tower •Inferno Tower •Goblin Hut •Rocket •Elixir Collector •Barbarian Hut •Mirror •Rage •Skeleton Army •Goblin Barrel •Baby Dragon •Freeze •Prince •Witch •Balloon •X-Bow •Giant Skeleton •Lightning •PEKKA •Golem

Unavailable Cards: •Ice Spirit •Fire Spirits •Goblin Gang •Elite Barbarians •Royal Giant •Ice Golem •Dart Goblin •Mega Minion •Furnace •Battle Ram •Three Musketeers •Guards •Tornado •Clone •Dark Prince •Poison •Executioner •Bowler •The Log •Princess •Miner •Bandit •Ice Wizard •Electro Wizard •Lumberjack •Inferno Dragon •Graveyard •Sparky •Lava Hound

EDIT: spelling

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