Ayo everyone, I just translated my russian video into english, so that you know how to play, too)

Immediately I say, I dont know English perfectly, and if you find mistakes, please talk about them, because i want to record the video in English))

A reference to my russian video – https://youtu.be/PXx_McIdF2U

Let's go.

Not many people know how to play, and especially not many people know how to play with an ice wizard, and I'm here to tell you about him in detail.

Let's start with the fact that an ice wizard is a protective card for 3 elixirs, which fires ice, thereby slowing down the enemy's units, preventing them from inflicting heavy damage on you.

The record with the second ice wizard, without donation in the game, long before the addition of the leagues.. I will tell you more, long before the addition of elite barbarians in the game, I had four thousand four hundred nineteen trophes. Well, there are and now) For these trophes, I managed to realize that the ice wizard is at most a single card, and there are no unit or spell such that the ice wizard would look like. Therefore, the ice wizard is usually released from the end of the map, or from the middle. At least, I do this))

But the main question is when to release it?

As I said, the ice wizard goes to the defense, in main, and therefore everything depends on the opponent and you need to mirror his actions. What does it mean? For example, an opponent has released a musketeer from the end of the map, and you, for reinsurance, need to release an ice wizard from the same side, and only then think about whether to kill her with fireball or she will bend herself) The essence you caught)

If your enemy threw Pekka near the bridge, the best solution is to throw off the ice wizard near the tower, to the wall, and let the barbarians to the middle. In this case, Pekka will be beaten by two towers, well, and by barbarians with an ice wizard. The enemy would be lost and would be scared throwing the fireboll on someone, but he does not demolish everything in one throw. We are smart and thought out everything)

His characteristics – dick with them, they will not give you anything anyway, but I can say this: the first-level ice wizard does not kill the ninth-level skeletons , and the best and most beautiful combination is an ice wizard's hit and zap, what immediately kill the minions. We says it "muhi" on russian)

I didnt find an ice wizard in the top royalist's decks, since I already said that an ice wizard is a single card and Supercell just have to buff him, so I cant show you professional decks, sorry))

If we talk about is it worth playing with an ice wizard, there are some advantages of it: helps to does not take a lot of damage and does not allow, in some cases, to reach enemy units up to your tower. The minuses: little splash, little health, not many damage, no close kent in the game, and for the most part he takes all the damage on himself and after that he's no good at nothing, the tower will kill him with one blow. But the princess…

I repeat, if you find the mistakes, please, write its below)

Good luck)


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