[Spoilers]The red heads that get randomly drag into this mess

I am talking about Devola and Popola. Some context: The only thing I know about them before I play the game was that they are from original Nier game and they are twins model androids. But man… the more I know them the more I feel bad about them.

So I meet them the first time in route A, first impression is "oh nice people!". Then I found them at the very begining in route B, feeling sad I cant interact with them in Route B. Then route C they keep talking about their "sin" that gets me really curious.

Then later in route C I know that they are not even the ones that was performing the "sin". I was like WHAT? Even later I know they are programmed to feel constant guilt and I was like BUT WHY!? Then… well… they just died… but basically everyone dies at that point so I feel equally bad for them and the main characters.

Then comes the insane part, I really wanted to know kind of sin the "original twins" did so someone thinks all twins models deserve to suffer. Turns out…. what they did was… they were defeated by Nier….


So the twins in Automata are atoneing the "sin" they didnt even perform because of something the original twins didnt even do wrong? They lose to Nier because they were not strong enough, THEIR CREATOR'S FAULT. They did not doomed humanity, NIER DID. But they should be hated by every androids and programmed to feel guilt all the time?

Who the fuck come up with this "punishment"?? At least every other characters are suffering for a purpose, N2's purpose. But the twins just get randomly selected and were like "yeah, just fuck you two in particular." Not you did something not wrong, but you are punished.

I really cannot see the reason behind this, its like they are just being very, very unfortunate.

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