[Spoilers] In defense of Ted Faro

Spoilers follow, obviously.

I am going to argue that Ted Faro's decision to erase the Zero Dawn APOLLO archive was both moral and correct (even though the murder of the remaining Zero Dawn Alphas, was not).

For those that don't know, or didn't get it, the APOLLO archive subsystem was a sum store of all human knowledge, culture, religion, science —
Zetabytes of information curated by a doting virtual intelligence acting as a school teacher who would indoctrinate instruct the future generation of human beings on the whole of their human legacy.

The idea being that with the information available in APOLLO, a
post-Faro Plague society would be able to simply pick up the pieces and resume an existence more or less right where the so-called 'Metal World' left off.

But there is a core conceit at play here: a subjective valuation of one's own time and place in history, a desire to force feed a cultural narrative onto an impressionable and captive audience. Ted Faro understood that this was truly the crime of Plato's Cave: that the children of the 31st century would, in the end, be chained to the wall watching the shadows of a long forgotten civilization pass across the fire behind them, without an opportunity to forge their own brave, new, world — a world that might ultimately be better than the world the Old Ones built.

Ted Faro also understood that if APOLLO went forward to fulfill its mission it would certainly inculcate a certain amount of knowledge but it couldn't ever create a reason for its students to care. The whole thing reminds me of something Urdnot Grunt, the tank-born super Krogan described in
Mass Effect 2 when discussing his forced education by the Warlord Okeer:

'(In the tank) was just images and pictures, "Here memorize this," one after another, but no reason to care: the tank couldn't create connections.'

APOLLO and all of its knowledge, would not be their existence, their world. They would have found little connection to it's endless zetabytes of print, images, sound and video: the desperate echos of a dead world — "here, memorize this, remember me, I mattered". No Ted Faro was right: that world mattered,but not now, not anymore.

Ted Faro freed the 31st Century: freed its societies to develop along the paths they chose instead of the single bespoke path whose limits were circumscribed a thousand years before in the coding of APOLLO. Ted understood that the science and discoveries would all be recoverd in time, and that even the culture, the history, the art, the religion, would be recovered once the world had the tools of history and archeology once again at it's disposal. But they would view those things, as they should be, through different eyes than APOLLO would have allowed.

It's best to let the past be discovered for ones self.

Thanks, Ted. A toast to you.

TLDR; Destroying the APOLLO archive was correct.

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